WWE Superstar Mustafa Ali publicly shares a "humble and fair warning"

SmackDown Superstar Mustafa Ali
SmackDown Superstar Mustafa Ali
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WWE Superstar Mustafa Ali recently sent a public warning about being capable of beating everyone's favorite superstars.

Ali, who publicly asked for his release from the company, did not forget to mention that he can only go around squaring off against others when "things are sorted."

He sent out his warning via a Twitter post that read:

"A humble and fair warning, as soon as all this gets sorted, I'm gonna absolutely body all of your faves."
a humble and fair warning,as soon as all this gets sorted, im gonna absolutely body all of your faves.

The SmackDown Superstar has not appeared on WWE TV since late last year. Previous reports have stated that he was given time off as part of paternity leave. However, it was later claimed that he had only asked to miss one show and was also involved in a heated backstage exchange with Vince McMahon.

i am requesting my release from wwe

Despite Ali repeatedly asking for his release, WWE did not grant him his request. The former RETRIBUTION leader then confirmed that he would be free to work in other companies after two-and-a-half years. In the meantime, he plans to sit out his contract.

Mustafa Ali hits back at fan who criticized his WWE character

A WWE viewer recently pointed out that Mustafa Ali should work on developing more character and personality instead of only focusing on his wrestling moves.

This led to Ali acknowledging those comments, and he responded by pointing out how he has worked tirelessly to develop a character. He said that people should base their opinion on research and not an assumption. Ali also used older WWE videos to assert his point further.

He further went on to compare his position with NBA star Stephen Curry. Ali said that no one yells at the basketball player for shooting from the bleachers, and he used the same logic to justify his stance.

"I appreciate the kind tone in your suggestion," said Ali. "Please allow me to share mine. Before suggesting a performer should work on something, ask yourself if your suggestion is based on assumption or research. A quick glance on my timeline will show you numerous "character promos". Since I’m on the subject, these training videos sometimes get comments like “tell a story” and “slow down!” guys, I’m almost 20 years in the game. I’m fully capable of doing all that. these training videos are equivalent to "trick shots" you’ll see from athletes across sports."

It is worth noting that Ali also threw his hat in the ring when Marvel held open auditions for the role of Blade. While he made it clear that he wants to be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there is no other update on that front.

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