WWE Superstar could potentially "threaten to sue" and go up against Nick Aldis, says Vince Russo (Exclusive)

Nick Aldis is currently the General Manager of SmackDown
Nick Aldis is currently the General Manager of SmackDown

Former writer Vince Russo has pitched an interesting storyline involving a WWE Superstar suing the company to kickstart a feud with Nick Aldis, leading to a rivalry between two General Managers.

Nick Aldis' role as the SmackDown GM has been met with much praise, especially considering the way he has stood his ground against the Bloodline's whims. Given the fact that he is quite clearly a babyface, Vince Russo believes a heel GM for RAW could work great with him as part of a storyline.

Speaking on Sportskeeda's The Wrestling Outlaws, the former writer pitched an idea for Jinder Mahal to challenge his contract, which would develop into him becoming a heel General Manager.

"Obvioulsy Nick Aldis is the babyface authority figure on SmackDown. Why not have a heel authority figure on RAW? You know what I am saying? Now you got two totally freaking... Jinder looks the part. He can come up with something legal of what they did in his contract and threaten to sue 'em. I mean you can really come up with an elaborate story. But my god why not have a babyface GM and a heel GM?" [13:03 onwards]

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Vince Russo also spoke about Jinder Mahal's WWE run

According to Russo, Jinder's recent WWE booking should lead to him asking for his release if things don't change soon.

On the same episode of Wrestling Outlaws, Vince Russo lamented the mishandled booking of Jinder despite the attention he had been receiving because of Tony Khan.

"I don't know what that did for Jinder, bro. I swear to god, man. When you look at guys like Matt Cardona and you look at guys like EC3, now you look at, throw Dolph Ziggler in there, throw Mone in there, Mercedes Mone. Throw them all in there. I swear to god, bro, if I'm Jinder, and he goes back to doing nothing the dude's got to ask for his release." [6:52 onwards]

It will be interesting to see what is next for The Modern Day Maharaja in WWE.

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