“It was just so sudden” - Ricochet on recent changes to WWE’s programming

The One and Only has had his say on the matter
The One and Only has had his say on the matter

WWE Superstar Ricochet gave his thoughts on the upcoming NXT changes during a recent interview appearance.

The One and Only made his first appearance in WWE as part of the NXT roster back in 2018. He enjoyed a memorable, albeit fairly short, run on the developmental brand and even captured the NXT North American Championship.

Ricochet recently made a brief return to the brand to challenge at-the-time North American Champion Carmelo Hayes. At NXT Worlds Collide, the 33-year-old was defeated by Hayes, who had some outside help from Trick Williams.

Given his history with the brand, The One and Only was asked about the upcoming changes to NXT 2.0 teased at the end of last week's show.

During an interview with NBC Sports Boston, the former Intercontinental Champion stated that the company was trying something new. He also claimed that it would be 'better' than the previous iteration.

“I think, again in this business, it’s forever. It doesn’t stop. They’re just trying something new, they’re trying something different and I think it was just so sudden and so quick that people didn’t get a chance to adjust. So now I think changing again, not back to what it was but something different and something that I feel like will be better,” he said.

Ricochet is excited to see what happens at NXT.

During his NBC Sports Boston interview, the former NXT North American Champion expressed excitement for the upcoming changes.

The One and Only claimed that the addition of RAW and SmackDown superstars to the developmental brand, and vice versa, could lead to some big things for everyone involved.

“Because now I think they have the grasp on maybe bringing some RAW and SmackDown people in or some NXT people to RAW and SmackDown. It really might start being something bigger, who knows? I think it’s so cool to be thinking about the future and being excited to see what will come from it,” Ricochet added.

The former Prince Puma last reigned with WWE gold back in June 2022, before the Ring General Gunther ended his Intercontinental Title run.

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