WWE Superstars Dana Brooke and Reggie go viral following Double Commitment Ceremony on RAW

Double wedding descended into chaos on RAW!
Double wedding descended into chaos on RAW!
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WWE Superstars Dana Brooke and Reggie were the highlights on Twitter yesterday after their Double Commitment Ceremony went haywire.

The duo, along with Akira Tozawa and Tamina Snuka, were part of a wedding ceremony on RAW that R-Truth officiated. However, things didn't go according to plan as all four stars tried to capture the 24/7 championship, betraying each other.

The segment was met with hilarious responses on social media from WWE Stars and fans alike. Embedded below is a compilation of some of the posts:

Posing about an incident from the past, Sasha Banks took to Twitter to state that she told Dana Brooke not to trust Reggie:

Dana replied she was blinded by love, but she won't be again. Check out her response to the women's tag team champion below:

Damnnnn … I kno you did!! Sometimes ur blinded by love!!! NEVER AGAIN…

The Boss also posted a picture of herself with her former stablemates Tamina and Naomi right before the segment, referring to their past association as Team B.A.D:

Sasha's current tag team partner, Naomi, demanded answers from Reggie about the events that transpired on the red brand:

@WWE_Reggie @WWE We need answers sir!

Saddened by how things went by on RAW, the former Cirque du Soleil performer stated on Twitter that he wouldn't be taking any questions and things are not as they seem:

I will not be accepting any interviews or answering questions About last night. It’s not what it seems 🤦🏾‍♂️ #wwe #weddingfails @WWE

WWE Superstar Natalya was not far behind her colleagues as she took to Twitter to reveal that if she gets married again, she wants R-Truth to run everything:

If I get married again, I want @RonKillings there…. Possibly running it all. Love you, Teege #WWERaw

The BOAT also stated that Reggie and Dana have a strong bond, and no one can deny that:

Dana and Reggie have a strong bond. No one can deny that. #WWERaw

Natalya also explained the reason for her absence on RAW, revealing that she was busy with her cats:

I was scooping kitty litter in my palace while DMing @TheBethPhoenix … otherwise I’d have been there!!!!!!…

How did Reggie and Dana Brooke end up together on WWE RAW?

The storyline between Dana Brooke and Reggie has been going on for a few months. The former acrobat used his aerial skills to help Dana retain her 24/7 title or run away from the chasers multiple times.

The former sommelier then asked Brooke out on Valentine's Day, though she initially turned him down. He then pinned her in revenge to win the title for the third time. A week later, Reggie lost the title back to Dana after he laid down in the ring despite kicking out of a two count twice.

The duo then began dating, with Reggie once again helping Dana retain the title. The couple got engaged on March 28, which led to the double wedding ceremony on RAW this week with R-Truth officiating the program.

However, Reggie pinned Dana to win the title as the ceremony was almost over. Chaos ensued as Tamina pinned him and Akira pinned her. Just as the latter was leaving the ring, Dana Brooke hit a crossbody from the top and regained the title. She swiftly hopped onto R-Truth's back as the duo left the arena.

Twitter was in splits as the incident went viral and trended at number one for a while. Fans are now hoping to see the next chapter in the saga of the 24/7 Championship.

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