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WWE News: WWE takes down poll asking fans which Superstar should main event Wrestlemania 33

AJ Styles was leading the poll with a majority of votes before the poll was taken down.

2016 has been a Phenomenal year thus far!

Polls hosted by the WWE on their official website are often considered a gateway for the WWE Universe to voice their opinion on various subjects. Whether it Is about their favourite WWE theme song or the best tag team of the year, the fans often participate vehemently, when it comes to these polls.

WWE has also used these ‘surveys’ as a cue for what is working and what is not, and it is a rarity for a poll to be taken down, especially after the fans have constantly been voting on it.

However, when the fans were asked to vote for the Superstar that they would want to see in the main event of the grandest stages of them all, WWE dubiously took down the poll after AJ Styles topped the list with a staggering vote count of 40%.

The Undertaker was second with 12% votes. Additionally, Goldberg got a 7% approval rate, while the former face that ran the place, John Cena could accumulate only 5% of the votes. Finn Balor got 10% votes while The Big Dog Roman Reigns’ notoriety came to light with just 4% of the total votes.

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WWE removing the poll did not go unnoticed, as fans took to Reddit to discuss the questionable act. The said poll was taken down before it could really pick up, although the incident still managed to rub the internet community the wrong way

The Phenomenal One has been nothing short of Phenomenal this year and is currently the longest reigning WWE Champion, post brand split. He has been quintessential to the success of the blue brand and has provided fans with mesmerising moments over the course of eleven months that he has been with the paramount company.

While the act has seemingly brought forward the company’s resistance to push non-homegrown talent, Styles has proven to be a rare jewel amidst the colossal names that have headlined the company’s pay per views in recent times.

Here’s a video of AJ Styles making his debut in the WWE:

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