"He was a soft-spoken guy" - WWE veteran reveals what Vince McMahon was like backstage

Vince McMahon
Vince McMahon

Veteran WWE interviewer Todd Pettengill is set to host the “Takeover: In Your House” Global Press Conference alongside Wade Barrett.

Stars like WWE Hall of Famer Ted DiBiase Sr., NXT Champion Karrion Kross, NXT Women’s Champion Raquel Gonzalez, and several others are advertised to appear at the press conference.

Todd Pettengill was recently a guest on the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast. He was asked about his experience working with Vince McMahon and what the WWE head honcho was like backstage. In response, the former WWE interviewer said that McMahon had always been a pleasure to work with, describing him as "soft-spoken" and "chill":

"He was always genuine," said Pettengill. "He was always helpful and affable. I didn't get any of the 'he is a nightmare'. Here's a guy who's taken a regional business to a multi-billion dollar property. You have to make business decisions when you do that. Maybe that rubbed some people wrong but I always respected that. If he had to correct you he did it politely, he did it professionally but that was his job. I mean, he was the boss so to me, it was always constructive and it came from a place of wanting the product to get better. So I never had a problem with it, never had words, never saw him yell at anyone. He was a soft-spoken guy. He was just very chill. That was him and still is."

Todd Pettengill added that although he hasn't worked alongside Vince McMahon for several years, he has heard from his contacts that the WWE Chairman's demeanor is still the same.

"I mean, I haven't worked with him in a number of years but just from the people I still talk to, Vince is the same," Pettengill continued. "But you get a reputation if you say something to somebody and they repeat it, maybe not quite in context, that's how that stuff starts. I just never saw any of that at all. He was always great with me."

Todd Pettengill's history with WWE

Todd Pettengill was a fixture on WWE (then WWF) television during the mid-90s. After debuting on the Saturday morning show WWF Mania in 1993, he went on to make his pay-per-view debut at WrestleMania IX.

Todd Pettengill was signed to the company until 1997, eventually deciding to leave due to his hectic schedule of pursuing a WWE career and a radio career at the same time.

Interestingly, Pettengill was replaced by Michael Cole, who remains an integral part of WWE's commentary team over on SmackDown.

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