WWE veteran says Karrion Kross is "done" after his loss to former world champion on SmackDown

Karrion Kross competed in his latest match on SmackDown
Karrion Kross competed in his latest match on SmackDown

Legendary wrestling manager Jim Cornette critiqued Karrion Kross by questioning what went wrong with his character and why fans are losing interest in him.

The Doomwalker competed in his latest match against AJ Styles on WWE SmackDown last week. He lost the bout to the Phenomenal One, who faced Seth Rollins the following day for the inaugural World Heavyweight Championship.

The former NXT Champion returned to the company last year, and his run on the blue brand hasn't gone the way he would've liked it to, as he's been on the receiving end of several losses.

Speaking on the latest edition of the Jim Cornette Experience, the WWE veteran commented on Karrion Kross's character, stating that he's not as interesting as before.

"Here's my comment. After the entrance, Kross is f***ing done. Remember when he was interesting and it goes down to the hair I think, I don't know why. But at one point he was interesting and seemed like something and now he looks good physically, he does s**t. It's just it doesn't [connect], it's boring, what's missing, what's happening here? [...] Is it that people have heard those promos that he's just monotone, droning on, it doesn't connect because it's so phony? Is it the hair that made him look not intimidating?" Cornette wondered. [0:29-1:31]

What's next for Karrion Kross in WWE?

Although The Harbinger of Doom was defeated by AJ Styles on SmackDown last week, it doesn't mean that things should end there.

He could attack the former WWE Champion on the blue brand this week and begin a new feud with him.

The rivalry could end with Karrion Kross scoring a victory over AJ Styles, which would be a big win for him. He could regain his momentum by winning more matches on TV, and he could even go on to target Roman Reigns.

Would you like to see a match between Karrion Kross and Roman Reigns? Sound off in the comments below!

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