"It doesn't make sense" - WWE veteran slams Bobby Lashley's booking after RAW [Exclusive]

Bobby Lashley lost to Xavier Woods on RAW
Bobby Lashley lost to Xavier Woods on RAW
Pratyay Ghosh

Bobby Lashley is set to defend his title against Kofi Kingston at Money In The Bank. The WWE Champion faced Xavier Woods on last night's episode of RAW and it turned out to be a bad night for him. The non-title match saw a surprise finish as Woods rolled up the WWE Champion to pick up the win.

Former WWE writer Vince Russo was a not a fan of the decision to have Xavier Woods beat the WWE Champion and he explained why he felt this way on Sportskeeda's Legion of RAW:

"Here's the problem," Vince Russo said. "If Lashley and Woods got in the ring as a shoot for a 100 times, Bobby Lashley would beat him a 100 times. There is no believability whatsoever in Xavier Woods beating Bobby Lashley, that's number one. Number two, Lashley loses with the roll-up, of course, the rollup, he loses. Now at that point he should be absolutely embarrassed and he should be looking for Woods to rip him to shreds. So first of all they beat him, which is totally unbelievable, this guy would never beat him, and second of all after he's embarrassed he doesn't look for this guy, so none of that stuff is believable.
"So Bobby Lashley gets rolled up by a guy that never in a million years would beat him and I'm okay with that for the next three hours? It doesn't make sense."

What went down with Bobby Lashley at the end of WWE RAW?

The final segment of RAW last night turned out to be a special edition of MVP's VIP Lounge. MVP had a bevy of ladies with him in the ring as he said that the ThunderDome, which saw Bobby Lashley's rise as the WWE Champion, should be renamed at the LashleyDome.

MVP then invited Bobby Lashley down to the ring but the WWE Champion did not look happy. After asking the ladies to excuse the two of them, he blamed MVP for losing his edge, referring to his loss against Xavier Woods earlier on the night. Lashley added that the only pleasure he wanted going forward was to destroy whoever was in front of him. Lashley then destroyed the VIP Lounge's set before sending a warning to his opponent at Money In The Bank, Kofi Kingston.

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