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"Yes" - Cesaro responds to Corey Graves saying he is not an entertaining talker

Cesaro and Corey Graves.
Cesaro and Corey Graves.
Modified 20 Feb 2021

Cesaro's in-ring capabilities have never been questioned in the WWE, but the same can't be said about his skills on the microphone.

The long-running speculation has been that WWE feels Cesaro doesn't possess the charisma and promo skills to be a main event Superstar. However, the Swiss Superstar has been on the receiving end of a surprising babyface push of late, and he even cut a solid promo on a recent Talking Smack ahead of the Elimination Chamber match.

Corey Graves remarked about Cesaro's Talking Smack promo and stated that the wrestler was never a captivating orator. Graves said that Cesaro is the best wrestler in the world, and there was a big reason why he didn't achieve mega-stardom in WWE.

Graves said this on the After The Bell podcast:

"For some reason, Cesaro is the guy that's not translated to mega-stardom in WWE because that's not his strong suit. He's not an entertaining, captivating orator. He's the world's best wrestler. Period, point blank. It's finally gotten to the point where he's realized that's all he's ever going to be: the world's best wrestler. I don't say that to diminish it or make it less important. That is who Cesaro is. That is what he brings to the table."

Cesaso responded to Corey Graves' statements during a recent interview with NYPost. The Swiss Cyborg explained Corey Graves' point of view, and he admitted to playing to his strengths. Cesaro has reached that phase in his career where he doesn't feel the need to pretend.

"I looked it more as Corey saying I'm finally playing to my strengths. A lot of people are trying to put on a character when they're not [that]. To me, right now, I'm just like, you know what, screw it. I am who I am, and I'm frickin' proud of it. I kind of came to the realization that I have my values and I have my beliefs that is right, and I just need to be proud of them and present them. Other people who have those same beliefs."

If somebody says, that's my biggest fault, fine, so be it: Cesaro on promos being his weakness


For Cesaro, actions speak louder than words, and his track record of always delivering inside the squared circle is a testament to his abilities. Cesaro agreed with Corey Graves and explained that he has learned to identify and acknowledge his weaknesses.

"They believe in hard work, they believe in integrity, and what you say is important. To me, actions carry more weight than words. So you have seen me for the past nine years kill it every single time I get in the ring, and then, I'm not going to go and talk about it because you just saw it. There are plenty of people who tell you how awesome you are, then you see them, and you're like ehh, actually not that much. Now that's who I am, and I'm proud of it, and let's go. So, yes, Corey. One of the things I realized over the years is a strength is knowing and acknowledging your weaknesses."

Cesaro isn't a big fan of lengthy monologues, and he also has no intentions of doing it in the WWE. The former tag team Champion has no qualms about people highlighting promos as his biggest flaw.

I don't think 10-minute monologues are necessary (for me). Nor do I want to do a 10-minute monologue. If somebody says, that's my biggest fault, fine, so be it.

Cesaro believed that he is entertaining irrespective of all the drawbacks, and he considered Corey Graves' statement as a big compliment.

"I'm still super entertaining. And in a lot of other countries, they have to cut that or translate that because people don't speak English. I speak the language, and I'm really good at that's universal, and that's what we do in the ring, and if he says I'm the best at it, that's a huge compliment from Corey because he watches a lot of wrestling."

Cesaro will compete in the Elimination Chamber match this Sunday, and a win would grant him a shot at Roman Reigns' Universal Championship on the same night.

Published 20 Feb 2021, 03:31 IST
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