"You have 300 to choose from" - Wrestling legend names Cesaro among 3 of WWE's most underutilized Superstars (Exclusive)

Is Cesaro WWE's most underutilized superstar?
Is Cesaro WWE's most underutilized superstar?

When the word "underutilized" is used to describe a WWE Superstar, Cesaro is often the first name that comes to mind. In WWE, it's hard for every Superstar to get pushed, and in every generation of talent, there are always a handful of Superstars who fans believe should have reached a higher status.

It's not a new concept, but many argue that WWE's roster is the most stacked that it has ever been - so even Superstars with main event-level potential may not necessarily reach their desired status on the card.

Former WWE Spanish commentator and wrestling legend Hugo Savinovich appeared on UnSKripted with Dr. Chris Featherstone. When asked about who he felt were the most underutilized WWE Superstars, he said there are lot to choose from, but named three in particular:

"You have 300 to choose from, but I have to mention [Shinsuke] Nakamura, Cesaro. I'm glad they're doing something with Shelton [Benjamin]. Or even just Jeff Hardy. You got an underdog there that can relate to. Instead of doing that horrendous alcohol, drugs, police offers, they could have done a real good story and people would have supported the underdog's last run at the gold."

Would Jeff Hardy have been ready for another WWE title challenge?

In WWE, we've come to realize that almost any Superstar can gain momentum at any point if the story is right. Kofi Kingston wasn't down on momentum, but over a decade into his career, he finally achieved the goal of becoming the WWE Champion.

Jeff Hardy is already a multi-time World Champion in WWE, but fans would have liked to see him get one last run to the top. Ultimately, his personal troubles were used in the storyline with Sheamus, and despite him coming out victorious in the rivalry, it left a bitter taste in the mouth of some WWE fans.

If the story is right, Jeff Hardy may still have one last shot at winning the WWE Championship.

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