Becky Lynch comments on whether she prefers being a heel or babyface

Is Becky Lynch better as a heel or a babyface?
Is Becky Lynch better as a heel or a babyface?

Becky Lynch recently discussed which role she enjoys playing in WWE, whether it's being a good guy or a villain.

Big Time Becks rose to the top after turning heel for the first time on the main roster in 2018 and becoming The Man. Her popularity led her to the main event of WrestleMania 35, where she became the first person to hold the RAW and SmackDown Women's Championship at the same time.

Following the event, she had a lengthy title reign as a babyface and feuded with heel stars such as Shayna Baszler and Lacey Evans.

Speaking at New York City Advertising Week, Becky Lynch stated that she prefers being a heel because there's more freedom and it's a win-win situation whether people like you or not.

“I think human nature is we just generally don’t want to like people and certainly now, certainly that’s Twitter nature. So you have so much freedom that you can do anything, you can have fun. If people don’t like you, ‘well, I’m doing my job well. If people like you, well, you’re so entertaining, how can people not like you?’ It’s a lot easier, it’s a lot more fun in that aspect," said Lynch. [H/T SEScoops]

Becky Lynch discusses her experience as a babyface

After the 2020 Money in the Bank event, Big Time Becks took a break from WWE and Asuka was crowned the new RAW Women's Champion. She returned after a 15-month hiatus at SummerSlam last year as a face, only to turn heel soon after.

On the same interview at New York City Advertising Week, Becky Lynch commented on what it's like for her to play a babyface, admitting that the WWE Universe roots for underdogs who have to overcome obstacles.

“Being a babyface, I tend to naturally fall into it. I think, honestly, I’m not the greatest athlete in the world and I think my story of perseverance has registered with a lot of people. Fans can get behind that underdog who constantly has to overcome,” said Lynch.
The Man will come back around soon.

The Man is currently sidelined with a separated shoulder which she sustained at SummerSlam during her match against Bianca Belair. The WWE Universe is eagerly awaiting her return to the ring.

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