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"You've got to start thinking about something else" - Booker T tells top star for returning to WWE

Booker T
Booker T
Modified 02 Feb 2021

Two-time WWE Hall of Famer Booker T has criticized Goldberg's return and has said that veteran stars have to think about something else rather than getting back in the ring.

While speaking on his Hall of Fame podcast, Booker T questioned the reason for Goldberg wrestling at the age of 54.

Booker T's co-host Brad Gilmore liked the match between Goldberg and Drew McIntyre at Royal Rumble. Gilmore said that he didn't mind Goldberg returning to put over WWE Champion Drew McIntyre. Booker T said that the quick match between the two was as much as WWE could have got out of it. 

"Goldberg did as good as he could. I think the story was what it was." 

Booker T then questioned why fans would have to see Goldberg again, to which Gilmore explained that the WCW icon has three more matches in his WWE contract. But the two-time Hall of Famer was not happy about Goldberg returning to WWE to have another match.

"You know, I don't know, man. You know, maybe I'm thinking wrestling needs to embrace the change, embrace the next generation. Just like, say, for instance, there's talk going around that The Rock may come back to wrestle Roman (Reigns) at WrestleMania. Would that be a match that people want to see? Of course. People want to see (because) it's The Rock. I just feel like when you get to a certain age in this business, you've got to definitely start thinking about something else. Is it healthy? I was just talking about Sting... you know, at 61, stepping into the ring again. Someone said, 'should he do it?' and I go, 'it wouldn't be wise for Sting to step into the ring and take a bump'. You know, taking a bump at 25 is different to taking a bump at 61, 58..."

Booker T explained his own experiences about training for matches after the age of 50 and said that it wasn't worth it.

Booker T says fans know what to expect from a Goldberg match


Booker T said that his body told him 'what are you doing' after he got back in the ring recently. The WWE Hall of Famer said that wrestling is a "young man's game". 

Booker T also stated that everyone knows what will happen in Goldberg matches and said that Goldberg's matches aren't different from what he did in his prime in WCW. 

He said that "everyone knows what's going to happen" when Goldberg steps in the ring. 

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Published 02 Feb 2021, 14:12 IST
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