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Is this the end of Nikki Bella's WWE career?

2.07K   //    26 Jan 2016, 16:14 IST
An unfortunate end?

Nikki Bella has been conspicuous by her absence as she has been sidelined by a neck injury. Unfortunately for her and ardent fans of the Diva, the injury could mark the end of her career.

The longest reigning Divas Champion is set to undergo surgery for the broken neck that she sustained, a lingering issue that has plagued the Diva since July 2015. 

“I have basically a broken neck, a pretty bad herniated disk. What makes mine a little bit difficult than most people is that I have some disk behind my vertebrae so with a lot of prayers we’re gonna pray that the doctors can get the piece behind my vertebrae with just a bone fusion,” Nikki commented.

The next few months are sure to be testing times for Nikki, who is planning on staying in the hospital for a few days after her surgery. She would be sporting the neck brace for three months and would be barred from travelling.

The first six months are said to be crucial and after the period subsides, she would undergo x-rays to determine and analyze whether she could return to in-ring action. 

By admitting the fact that it could spell the end of her career, Nikki said, “There is a potential that this is career-ending. We will only know that when I get out of surgery on Wednesday and then basically how the bone heals Wednesday. So that’s been tough but I truly have such hope that I will get to compete in that ring another day, I really do.”

Going forward, Nikki Bella’s arsenal of moves would see a few been taken off, most notably her finisher – the rack attack. She has been specifically told by doctors to never use the move again and would instead, adopt a forearm inspired move.

“For now the ‘Rack Attack’ will be officially retired. I’ve been told by doctors to never do that again so we do feel that because my injury is in such a unique place in my spine we do feel that it could’ve come due to the ‘Rack Attack’ so the girls in the future better watch out for my killer forearm because I might not be hitting them with the ‘Rack Attack’ but I’ll definitely be hitting them with that forearm,” Bella said.

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