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NJPW News: Kenny Omega defeats Kazuchika Okada for IWGP World Heavyweight Championship

Simon Cotton
5.39K   //    09 Jun 2018, 17:47 IST

A New Era in New Japan Pro Wrestling
A New Era in New Japan Pro Wrestling

In the main event of DOMINION 6.9 in OSAKA-JO HALL, Kazuchika Okada's record-breaking title reign finally came to an end.

In one of the most highly anticipated rematches of 2018, Kenny Omega defeated Kazuchika Okada to win the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship two falls to one.

The match began with Omega as the aggressor and Okada on the defensive early on in their fight. Omega hit two tope con-hilos and multiple V-Triggers on Okada, but the champion continued to kick out.

Okada eventually regained control and attempted a Rainmaker, but Omega tried to counter the move into a Crucifix pin. Okada countered the Crucifix pin into a sit out pin to win the first fall.

After the two minute break, Okada would turn into the aggressor and hit several devastating Omega with a DDT to the floor and threw him head first into a guardrail.

Eventually, Omega would regain control with a V-Trigger and followed it up with the One-Winged Angel to win the second fall.

Omega and Okada continued to hit each other with every move in their arsenal with Omega hitting a Styles Clash and attempting Kota Ibushi's Phoenix Splash.

As they hit the one-hour mark, both men struggled to hit their signatures with both Omega and Okada collapsing at various points in the match.

With Okada stood on his knees, Omega hit the champion with two V-Triggers before Okada countered the third and landed two Rainmakers.


Omega and Okada traded German Suplexes until Okada finally landed his third Rainmaker, but was unable to attempt the pin.

Omega finally got back to his feet and hit another V-Trigger and One-Winged Angel combo to bring Okada's 720 day championship reign to an end.

After winning the belt, The Young Bucks came to the ring to embrace Omega and Ibushi as they celebrated the crowning of a new champion. Cody Rhodes came down to the ramp, but turned around before getting to ringside.

Omega and Okada's rivalry dates back to their initial title bout at Wrestle Kingdom 11 when Okada first defeated Omega to retain his title.

Their second match took place months later at Dominion when they fought to a draw. Their third match took place in the semi-finals of the 2017 G1 Climax where Omega finally defeated Okada.

With their fourth match ending in Omega's victory, Omega joins Vader, Scott Norton, Brock Lesnar and AJ Styles as one of the few North American wrestlers to win NJPW's holy grail.

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