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NJPW News: Scott Norton returning to NJPW in 2017

The former NWO member is about to return to NJPW.

Scott Norton is back!

Former WCW wrestler Scott Norton is set to make a return to NJPW at the Wrestle Kingdom 11, which will be held on January the 4th in the Tokyo Dome. He will feature in the New Japan Rumble which is a part of the Wrestle Kingdom pre-show and not on the main card.  Norton is most known for being a part of the legendary heel faction nWo, and his comeback will mark an end to a four-year long sabbatical from the indies. 

The 55-year-old has previously worked for New Japan Pro Wrestling and it was here that his journey as a professional wrestler started. He returned to the company in 1999 and spent another seven years with them. During his first spell, Norton wavered between the tag team and mid-card singles matches. He won the IWGP Tag-Team Titles twice, before leaving NJPW in favour of WCW.

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It was here that is career really took off. The promoters initially tried to put him over as a heel and pitted him against the company’s top face, Sting. The feud did not captivate but it got him over as a compelling heel. He then formed a formidable tag team with Ice Train namely Fire and Ice. The duo garnered the reputation in Japan and US, but they split up after a fallout following their loss to the Steiner Brothers.

Check out the fight between Norton and Ice Train, after their fallout!

In late 1996, he joined nWo and quickly, won the IWGP Heavyweight Championship for the first time after defeating Yuji Nagata at a WCW-NJPW joint PPV. After losing his title to Keiji Mutoh, he fell into obscurity and became a part of the nWo "B-Team", which participated in lower mid card matches.

Soon he returned to New Japan and captured the IWGP Heavyweight Championship for the second time. A short stay at the top later, he moved to the mid-card before leaving to the company in 2006. 

His independent career did not work out and wrestling became a part time thing for him. However, much to the delight of his fans, he is returning full time and his wish him all the best for that!

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