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NJPW News: Zack Sabre Jr. receives negative media attention, following controversial comments about Mexico

Soumik Datta
3.33K   //    05 Apr 2018, 00:34 IST

ZSJ has made some controversial comments about the country of Mexico
ZSJ has made some controversial comments about the country of Mexico

What’s the story?

As per first reported by Pro Wrestling Sheet, it seems like NJPW superstar and British youngster Zack Sabre Jr. has been receiving a lot of heat and negative media attention due to the very recent comments he made about the country of Mexico in a backstage promo in New Japan Pro Wrestling.

In case you didn’t know…

Zack Sabre Jr. made his New Japan Pro Wrestling debut in 2017 as part of the company’s 45th Anniversary show, during which the “Technical Wizard” challenged Katsuyori Shibata for the British Heavyweight Championship.

Sabre would eventually go on to win the match with the help of Suzuki Gun members Minoru Suzuki and Davey Boy Smith Jr. and would eventually join the Suzuki Gun stable in the process.

Suzuki Gun following the addition of ZSJ
Suzuki Gun following the addition of ZSJ

The heart of the matter

Led by one of the scariest and most terrifying superstars in today’s Pro Wrestling world, Minoru Suzuki, the Suzuki Gun faction has certainly developed a notorious status over the course of the past few years all thanks to their work with various promotions such as Pro Wrestling NOAH, New Japan Pro Wrestling, Ring of Honor Wrestling, and even on RevPro UK.

Suzuki Gun in Pro Wrestling NOAH
Suzuki Gun in Pro Wrestling NOAH

Currently consisting of the likes of Minoru Suzuki, Lance Archer, Davey Boy Smith Jr., Taichi, Zack Sabre Jr., and many more, Suzuki Gun, as expected, has been making the headlines for all the controversial and scandalous reasons, but this time things were definitely taken to a whole new level, as in the recent turn of events Suzuki Gun decided to somewhat cross the line all thanks to their ‘British Technical Wizard’ Zack Sabre Jr.

As noted, prior to this weekend’s NJPW: Sakura Genesis event, Zack Sabre Jr. was involved in a contentious backstage interview following NJPW’s Road to Sakura Genesis show. Sabre, who is the winner of the 2018 New Japan Cup, was seen bragging about the fact that Suzuki Gun is taking over the Pro Wrestling world and made a bold statement by claiming that the group will eventually take over England, Japan, and America, while totally playing off the country of Mexico.

You can check out the interview below:

What’s next?

As seen in the interview, ZSJ’s Suzuki Gun stablemate Taka Michinoku quickly tried to interrupt him by asking the British superstar to not say that, to which Sabre replied by stating “ok, you can go to Mexico then.”

Sabre, who was obviously speaking in character, was portraying his recently developed heel persona, however, his comment has also angered a few people in Mexico and has also made it to the local news coverage in the country.

Author’s Take

Zack Sabre Junior’s comments have definitely created a lot of buzz around the Pro Wrestling world and personally, I think ZSJ will now gain a lot of ‘heel-heat’ towards himself if Suzuki Gun ever plans on invading CMLL via NJPW’s working relationship with the Mexican promotion. 

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