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NJPW World Tag League Finals Results and live commentary, 12/10/2016

A huge shock in the main event and a huge debut announced as the Bullet Club gets a new member.

New Japan Pro Wrestlings World Tag League Finals are finally here and they come to us from the Miyagi, and Sekisui Hein Super Arena. There are great matches lined up for tonight’s show featuring members of Bullet Club and CHAOS along with others stars like Jushin Thunder Liger and WWE favourite Billy Gunn, Without further ado, lets get to the results.

Rysuke Taguchi and David Finlay vs Tiger Mask and Jushin Thunder Liger

The match starts off at a fast pace as members of both teams start off at a frantic pace. Liger goes to lock in the early Surfboard Stretch but David Finlay manages to break out and make the tag to “Funky Weapon”. Taguchi takes the fight to both Tiger Mask and Liger and hits the with a double rear-view before hitting a double dropkick as both Liger and Finlay become the legal men.

Liger then headed to the top rope and hit a hurracanrana before attempting a clothesline. Finlay transitions the reversal into a sweet pinning combination which gets the pinfall as we see a pretty big upset.

David Finlay and Rysuke Taguchi def. Tiger Mask and Jushin Thunder Liger

Great show of respect by all four men after the match. With Liger and Taguchi raising Finlay’s hand after the match it looks like he’ll be getting a massive push next year and he deserves it. He’s had a great 2016.

Manabu Nakanishi and Henare vs Bad Luck Fale and Yujiro Takahashi

Nakanishi and Fale start us off at a methodical pace that was borderline slow and plodding. The early offence consisted of punches, kicks and elbows before Fale tagged in Takahashi who started off with a nice running kick followed by a side kick before he got taken out by Nakanishi who then tagged Henare in. The duo hit tandem clotheslines on Takahashi and Fale before locking in stereo Torture Racks. 

They then hit double clotheslines on both Fale and  Takahashi before Henare got nearfall after a running Senton Drop. Nakanishi then tossed Henare right at Takahashi before he proceeded to take out Fale, leaving Henare and Takahashi in the ring. Takahashi hit a nice vertical suplex followed by a snap DDT as the ‘Tokyo Pimp’ picked up the win for his team. 

Bad Luck Fale and Yujiro Takahashi def. Manabu Nakanishi and Bad Luck Fale

Henare and Takahashi put in particularly impressive performances tonight.

Yoshitatsu and Billy Gunn vs Bone Soldier and Chase Owens

WWE legend Billy Gunn teamed up with former WWE Superstar Yoshitatsu to take on Bullet Club members Bone Soldier and Chase Owens. Billy Gunn awkwardly hugged the referee before the match before Bone Soldier and Yoshitatsu started us off. The two have a rich history together but Chase Owens took Yoshitatsu out from the back before the match could properly begin as Bone Soldier took out Billy Gunn on the outside.

Yoshi hit back at Owens with a spinning enzeguiri before Bone Soldier got into the ring to confront him. The former Captain New Japan then tagged in Chase Owens who immediately went o work on Yoshitatsu’s back and head. Yoshitatsu then tagged in Billy Gunn who got slapped around by Chase Owens for a bit before hitting a nice Powerslam. Gunn then went for his Famouser only to get hit with an STO for a 2-count. 

Owens then tagged in Bone Soldier who missed a top rope knee. The tide turned as Gunn hit the Famouser on Bone Soldier for the pinfall.

Yoshitatsu and Billy Gunn def. Bone Soldier and Chase Owens

Brian Breaker and Leland Race vs War Machine

The son of the legendary Harley Race teamed up with Brian Breaker to take on former ROH Tag-Team Champions War Machine.

Race and Breaker attacked War Machine before the bell rang but ROH’s resident bruisers quickly turned the tide. Hanson Powerbombed his own partner into race before going to the top turnbuckle. Breaker pulled him off however, and they proceeded to double team Rowe before quickly rotating tags and isolating Rowe in the corner. Race and Breaker continued to attack Rowe in the corner as Breaker hit hard elbows into his  back before hitting a running forearm. He made the mistake of going for a second and got hit by a huge spinebuster.

Row finally tagged in Hanso who took on both members of the opposition, hitting back and forth corner splashes to both Race and Breaker as the crowd erupted in applause. Race and Breaker finally managed to overpower Hanson as Breaker hit a nice Press Slam followed by an assisted Sokash from Race for a 2-count. Breaker tried to capitalize with a running clothesline but Hanson avoided it and made the tag to row.

Row hit a spinning lariat on race before hitting an overhead belly-to-belly suplex on Breaker, following it up with a German Suplex on Race. War Machine were in complete control at this point as they hit a huge double team on Race for the nearfall. Rowe then hit a sitout powerbomb before Hanson got pushed off the top turnbuckle as he went for the moonsault.

Breaker and Race looked to take control again but Rowe cleared the ring before hitting a botched tope suicida on one of the ring attendants. As Race and Breaker went to attack Rowe, Hanson hit a senton from the top turnbuckle Senton and cleaned out everyone on sight except his partner. War Machine then hit a huge double team legdrop/backdrop combination on Race for the win.

War Machine def. Brian Breaker and Leland Race

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