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NJPW/WWE News: WWE superstars star in the latest episode of 'Being The Elite'

Harald Math
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The Bucks ran into some familiar faces in Montreal
The Bucks ran into some familiar faces in Montreal

What's the story?

The Young Bucks took their 'Being The Elite' webshow on the road once again this past weekend, as the current IWGP Junior Heavyweight and ROH World Tag Team Champions performed for IWS in Montreal (Canada).

Whilst in the most populous city in Quebec, Matt and Nick Jackson managed to bump into some familiar faces who now work for WWE.

In case you didn't know...

'Being The Elite' is a YouTube show produced by Nick and Matt Jackson, better known as The Young Bucks. Kenny Omega has also featured heavily on the show, and the name comes from the Bucks and Omega's position as The Elite within the Bullet Club.

The show is a mixture of candid footage from the travels of The Elite and elaborate storylines featuring the trio and other members of Bullet Club. It was Being The Elite that provided the back story to Marty Scurll joining Bullet Club and kicking out Adam Cole.

The heart of the matter

In the latest episode of Being The Elite, The Bucks were wrestling for IWS in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. At the beginning of the show, the duo spoke of some old friends who they may bump into, although the Bucks were unsure whether or not they could show them on camera.

As it transpires, the friends in questions were current WWE superstars Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn and AJ Styles. All three make appearances on the show, albeit in fairly guarded and unremarkable fashion.

As the Jackson brothers are shooting from the city, Owens is the first to be seen. The former WWE United States Champion strolls behind the duo, checking his phone before moving on. This is followed by an appearance from Sami Zayn, who stops to ask Nick and Matt what the time is.

AJ Styles is the final WWE superstar to feature in the video, seen hanging out behind The Bucks as the brothers lament the fact that they didn't see their old friends.

What's next?

It is extremely unlikely that this will have any impact on the wrestling landscape, other than maybe increasing speculation that The Bucks may be making a move to WWE at some point.

The Elite and Bullet Club will continue to stoke those fires, but it could be a while before we see The Young Bucks interacting with Owens, Styles and Zayn on screen.

Author's take

The 65th episode of Being The Elite is yet another entertaining way to spend 10 minutes.

The Bucks continue to show that they are on the cutting edge of what is marketable in professional wrestling, further proving that you don't need to be in the WWE to make a good living in pro graps.

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