Noam Dar discusses Vince McMahon, Goldberg, and NXT UK's return [Exclusive]

Noam Dar discusses NXT UK
Noam Dar discusses NXT UK
Noam Dar saying
Noam Dar saying "Alicia Fox" took the internet by storm!

The other thing... I mentioned social media, so many comments go about, particularly in wrestling journalism, people always talk about things there about how certain people react backstage to things.

One of the biggest stories that's came out about Noam Dar was you saying "Alicia Fox" and how much Vince McMahon loved you saying "Alicia Fox". Can you confirm, is that true? Do you know if Vince McMahon was a fan of the way you spoke?

As far as I'm aware, that is very true. I had a lot of friends that would be in the production meetings and stuff, and apparently he would do an impression of it, so I haven't heard the impression of me.

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I think that he might be scared to do an impression of me in front of me in case I beat him up. Because everyone knows I'm a bit of a ticket backstage...

I wish! But I know that there was a lot... There was a lot of fun... That whole storyline with Alicia, and working with Alicia, was a massive learning experience. I hadn't done anything like that over my, at that point, 10-years career and to be able to use a whole different set of tools and do something completely different that I wasn't used to was a real good experience.

I absolutely loved that but the one thing I will say, there's one very selfish reason that I like the fact that you're in NXT UK right now rather than still being over on RAW, and that is because - as you might be able to hear - I'm Glaswegian and I got to see you lift the ICW World Heavyweight Championship a couple of months ago.

So I need to ask you, if WWE and ICW signed off on Noam Dar defending the ICW World Championship in the main event of a WWE show in Glasgow, you can defend it against anyone you want - ICW or WWE - who are you picking to defend it against? And it can't be The Great Khali.

Well, the interview's over! Next question, next question!

That's a difficult question. I love the idea of defending the ICW Title on a WWE show, certainly in the main event, but I also love the idea even more of - if I'm doing that and put my title on the line, then I deserve a chance to also win something.

So in that case I would like to do myself vs Walter, NXT UK Championship vs ICW Championship, winner takes all.

I'm a gambling man! The odds may not be my favour, but I like a gamble, I like a punt on the horses and I certainly like a punt on myself, but that's the match I'm making in that fantasy situation.

Yet again, you can chuck in your chicken leg eating competition beforehand as well, and hope he gets too full to move about. You'll be sorted!

Soften him up! Soften him up!

That sounds like the perfect main event as well for a TakeOver: Glasgow if that ever happens in the future, I'll just chuck that in there!

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