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NXT 1/21/2015 results

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Kevin Owens attacking Sami Zayn after NXT REvolution

An Angry Champion and a Number One Contender Tournament 

NXT started off with an irate NXT Champion (Sami Zayn) coming out and assaulting Ty Dillinger. After the assault Sami Zayn demanded that William Regal give Sami Zayn a match with Kevin Owens. Zayn would tell Regal that he would not face anyone until he got his hands on Kevin Owens. Seeing the fire in Sami Zayn’s eyes Regal gave Zayn what he wanted. Regal set the match for February 11th at NXT Take Over, and also announced that Zayn and Owens would sign the contract for that match next week on NXT.

Now the match between Zayn and Owens will be a non-title match, because Regal stated that Owens had not yet earned the right to compete for the title. So that night a tournament began to determine a Number One Contender for Sami Zayn’s NXT Championship.

Curtis Axel vs Finn Balor

The tournament kicked off with Curtis Axel vs Finn Balor. The match was very good and showcased great technical wrestling. In the end, Curtis Axel would come up short, and Finn Balor would come out victorious advancing to the next round of the tournament.

Charlotte vs Sasha Banks for the NXT Women’s Championship 

The next match of the night would have rivals Charlotte and Sasha Banks once again competing for the NXT Women’s Championship. Charlotte and Sasha would pick up right where they left off, but the match would be short lived.

Becky Lynch would get involved in the match, causing a disqualification. Sasha and Lynch would continue to attack Charlotte after the match, but then Bayley would enter too save Charlotte.

Bayley would grab and stare at the Women’s title, only to have Charlotte pry it from her hands. Bayley would then hit Charlotte with a “Belly too Bayley” making her intention for the title very clear.

After the attacks on Charlotte, William Regal would come out and announce a second match for NXT Take Over. Regal announced that Charlotte would defend her title in a Fatal Four Way match against Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch, and Bayley.

Tyler Breeze vs Hideo Itami 

The final match of the night would be the second match of the Number One Contender tournament. The match would be Hideo Itami vs Tyler Breeze.

Breeze would gain the upper hand latter in the match after nailing Itami with a huge “Super Kick.” Breeze would continue to have the upper hand, but he could not put Itami away. Breeze would keep Itami hitting Itami with right hand, but this would pump Itami up and send him into a frenzy.


Itami would hit Breeze with multiple strikes, and would finally end it with a running kick to the side of Breeze’s head.

Itami is now in the second round of the tournament along with his friend and tag team partner, Finn Balor. The next two matches in the tournament will be on NXT week, and it will be: Adrian Neville vs Tyson Kidd and Bull Dempsey vs Baron Corbin. 

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