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NXT (1/2/2017): 5 Points to Note

The UK Champion's debut and three impressive matches!

Tyler Bate made his NXT debut this week!

It’s always a pleasure to report about WWE’s hottest brand- NXT, twice in the same week. In the aftermath of the excellent NXT Takeover: San Antonio, we saw three more matches before a packed crowd in the same arena.

We almost did not have five points to note from the show, since a majority of the show was a recap of Takeover. However, enough interesting things happened through the event to warrant yet another five points article, in the build to the Takeover on Wrestlemania 33 weekend. Without further ado, it's time for our weekly countdown.

#5 Tyler Bate makes NXT debut

He impressed us all with his arsenal of moves

Ever since Tyler Bate was crowned the first ever United Kingdom Champion, we hadn’t seen or heard from him except for an appearance at this weekend’s Takeover. We saw him in a showcase match this week, against the very impressive Oney Lorcan.

Both the men are great inside the ring, and we saw a glimpse of just how much potential a talent like Lorcan has, with some of the freshest moves we’ve seen in the recent past. Lorcan worked great against Bate as the UK Champion picked up a victory. 

Bate has a great look and connects fabulously with the crowd. It is unclear how and where his title will be defended in the months that follow, but we're sure WWE has big plans for him. As a side note, Lorcan too has an immense amount of potential, and maybe if he was booked into a storyline he could be a mid-card NXT talent.

He’s already over in Full Sail University, and with the right booking, could definitely reach new heights.

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