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NXT (15 February, 2017): 5 Points to Note

An eventful show with a great main event!

The UK Championship was defended for the first time, this week

To be honest, it was a one match episode this week. What a brilliant match it was, though! But before we jump into the thick of things, let’s begin like we should have, at the beginning.

Coming off what was a pretty exciting Elimination Chamber, followed by a Raw with many interesting developments and subsequently, SmackDown Live, a show capped off with a great main event; NXT had high expectations to live up to this eventful week.

How did it fare? Let’s go to Full Sail University once again and pinpoint five critical points from this week’s episode.

#5 A big name is arriving soon!

The original third member of the Shield is arriving soon, to NXT!

When CM Punk and the rest of the WWE think tank, first came up with the idea of The Shield, they thought of three young and talented performers to fill the spots. The first was the highly athletic Seth Rollins, the second the very charismatic Dean Ambrose, and believe it or not, the third was a talented performer named Kassius Ohno aka Chris Hero.

Not only did Triple H push for Roman Reigns instead of Kassius Ohno, the latter was eventually released from NXT. This week we saw a clip advertising his much awaited NXT return.

After a very successful run on the independent circuit, Ohno is back on NXT again. This time, as a far more seasoned performer, who is a much better wrestler than he was when in NXT the first time. Most hardcore NXT fans have seen the clip of him confronting former NXT Champion Shinsuke Nakamura on YouTube.

They even saw him next to the injured Nakamura after his loss to current NXT Champion Bobby Roode. It will be interesting to see when Ohno makes his debut and what program he is put in. We’re certain he will be a very big player!

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