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NXT- 5 Points to Note: March 1, 2017

An episode that leaves us with more questions than answers, heading into Takeover: Orlando.

Will we finally see these two women clash in Orlando?

Last night, we witnessed one of the best Smackdown Live episodes in a really long time. Little wonder then, that we were pumped up to watch a show that delivers more consistently than Smackdown- NXT! With two advertised title matches, the show was already a winner before it even began.

There were developments through the night that left us with questions about the following weeks and NXT Takeover: Orlando. We believe that shows that make you wonder are the best shows of all. So, here we go! It’s time for our weekly NXT recap and countdown.

#5 What does SAnitY have planned for Tye Dillinger?

Never invite Orton to join SAnitY, Young!

 With the dissolution of the Wyatts, SAnitY has taken on the mantle of ‘freaky, unkempt heel stable’. This week, we found them gathered around a flaming barrel (presumably, unless it was Sister Abigail's burning tomb), in a scary outdoor location (well, but naturally), saying scary things and making threats to Tye Dillinger. They called him a disease that must be eradicated! 

Young went on to challenge Dillinger to a one-on-one contest and it is uncertain when the same will transpire. All we know for certain is that with Eric Young's minion Alexander Wolfe, the crafty Nikki Cross as well as the gigantic Killian Dain, it is never a one-on-one contest. Better get some friends to ringside, Mr Tye Dillinger. 

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