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NXT Live event Results from Citrus Springs, Florida (27/10/2016)

The highlights and results of the latest NXT live event

The RAW Cruiserweight Champion wrestled in the event

The latest NXT Live event took place at Citrus Springs, Florida. Although several big starts of the NXT were not a part of this show, the audience were vocal throughout the evening. The results from the event are posted below :

The show opens with a segment, where Steve Cutler comes out and delivers a typical heel promo. Noah Potjes interrupted, leading to the first match of the night.

#1 Steve Cutler vs Noah Potjes

The two delivered a decent yet hard-hitting match to kick-off the live event. 

Result : Noah Potjes defeated Steve Cutler

#2 Danielle Kamela vs Bianca Blair

The fans reported it to be another satisfactory encounter between the female wrestlers. 

Result : Bianca Blair defeated Danielle Kamela

#3 Elias Samson vs Tian Bing

Bing’s performance was impressive in this decent match. Although, it iss clear that he needs a lot more training to compete with the top-carders of NXT. 

Result : Elias Samson defeated Tian Bing

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