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NXT News: Billie Kay possibly injured at latest NXT tapings

One half of the Australian Iconic Duo might have suffered an injury during the end of her match

Officials check on the downed Superstar.

What’s the story? 

It was reported by JJWilliams of the Wrestling Observer that there may have been a significant injury at the NXT tapings tonight.

In case you didn't know...

NXT taped the next few episodes from the campus of the University of Central Florida tonight.  These episodes that were filmed this evening will be the last shows before NXT Takeover: Orlando.

The heart of the matter

One-half of the “Iconic Duo”, Billie Kay, may have suffered a pretty significant injury during the tapings tonight.  Kay was wrestling Ember Moon, who ended up victorious after hitting her Eclipse finisher on the Australian after a quick match.

 However, she may have been injured by the move, as referees and other officials flooded into the ring after the match was over to check on her.  

Ultimately, Kay was able to get out of the ring and leave on her own power, which is great news.  However, she was holding her neck and crying as she was heading back to the locker room, which is never good news.

What’s next? 

We imagine that we’ll be hearing more about this situation over the coming days.

Sportskeeda’s Take

Nothing is ever fortunate about an injury, but it is convenient that the campus of the University of Central Florida is about a ninety-minute flight from Birmingham, Alabama, where the Andrews Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Center is located.  That is the facility that takes care of the majority of injured WWE and NXT stars when something like this happens.  

It’s unfortunate timing, though, as Kay was really hitting her stride recently from a character standpoint, as well as improving in the ring on an almost weekly basis.  Hopefully, nothing is seriously wrong, and it would seem that way from the fact that she was able to leave the ring under her own power.

However, the fact that she was clutching at her neck and crying as she was walking back to the locker room is highly concerning.  She may have been crying out of fear of what had just happened, or because she was upset at the situation.  

Either way, we’ll have an update on this situation as it becomes available.  We wish Billie Kay all the best and hope for a speedy recover if she has to miss any time.

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