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NXT Spoilers: Identity of "Sanity" revealed at NXT Tapings

The much anticipated debut has been made!

Sanity, NXT’s newest faction

Since NXT Takeover: Brooklyn, promos have been airing about “Sanity”. Finally, last night on NXT, the secret was revealed. Sanity comprised of a returning Eric Young leading a faction with Nikki Cross(formerly known as Nikki Glencross and Nikki Storm), Alexander Wolfe and Sawyer Fulton.  

Sanity made their debut participating in the first round of the second edition of the Dusty Rhodes tag team classic. Alexander Wolfe and Sawyer Fulton wrestled as a tag team. It was reported that during their match with their opponents, Nikki Cross and Eric Young were under masks, and did not remove them till later on. This is definitely interesting and something new in NXT, where factions are rarely seen. 

Eric Young made his long-awaited return as well. He had a one-off appearance in  NXT a few months ago, facing Samoa Joe in an unsuccessful effort. For a while now it was rumored that Eric Young to WWE was a done deal, and last night confirmed it. Also,

Wolfe and Fulton, who have been used only as enhancement talent for a while now will finally be getting an opportunity and a push. Nikki Cross as well made only one televised appearance in NXT so far, and this is an extremely interesting to get her name out there and for something to be involved in. 

It is not known at this moment whether the faction is a heel or babyface one. One would think that Elias Samson would make a good addition to a faction that looks like this, but that is not the case since Samson is injured, and we have no idea when he is going to return. 

Also, another benefit is that it adds a tag team to the NXT roster. Of late, NXT has been very short of tag teams after the overall raid that happened this year. From the looks of it, it appears that they plan to take this faction and push them very seriously.

All members of this could benefit it, especially the younger talent, who will be getting a rub off from veteran Erick Young. The faction looks to be appealing, and we will have to wait until the October 12th episode of NXT to see what the buzz is about. 

Meanwhile, the second annual Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic tournament will culminate at NXT Takeover: Toronto this coming November at the Air Canada Centre.

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