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NXT TakeOver Brooklyn: 5 Biggest Winners and Losers

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759   //    21 Aug 2018, 01:01 IST

NXT TakeOver Brooklyn IV was one of the greatest events in the brand's history.

First thing's first, NXT TakeOver Brooklyn IV was incredible. All the matches were either good, great or spectacular. Criticizing anything regarding the show would be blasphemy. This was easily one of the best wrestling events that the WWE has promoted in recent years.

Although it would be unfair to call anybody a loser after an event as great as this, it would not be wrong to say that some of the talent will be coming out of the show better placed than others. Here are 5 of the biggest winners and losers from the show.

#5. Winner - Moustache Mountain

Tyler Bate and Trent Seven put in a remarkable effort despite losing.

There is just something about the team of Tyler Bate and Trent Seven that manages to stand out from every other tag team on the roster. Whenever the crowd starts chanting 'wrestle forever', you must be doing something right.

Moustache Mountain's rubber match with the Undisputed Era was one for the ages. You could argue that their contest in England had more drama and emotion attached to it but that does not take away from how great this match was.

Tyler Bate was super over with the live crowd and he has huge potential. Only if the WWE can overlook his lack of size. Anyway, Moustache Mountain will be more over than ever despite losing to the Undisputed Era on Saturday.

#4. Loser - EC3

EC3 is a former world champion but is currently going through tough times in NXT.

EC3 has suffered a torrid time since joining NXT. The former world champion is yet to find his footing in the brand. The fact that he turned babyface so early into his NXT run could not have helped the artist formerly known as Derrick Bateman.

On Saturday, he lost to the Velveteen Dream in a solid match. But the thing is, it is hard to remember the last time the Velveteen Dream won a meaningful match on a big show. That tells you everything you need to know about EC3's standing in NXT.


#3. Winner - Ricochet

Ricochet won the NXT North American Championship at TakeOver Brooklyn IV.

The fans have waited for years to see the WWE sign Ricochet. And since his arrival, the 'King of Flight' has delivered on the expectations and then some.

At TakeOver, Ricochet and Cole had an amazing match. The fact that he managed to win the NXT North American Championship is just the cherry on the top. After such an incredible start to his NXT career, it should not be long before 'The King' gets called up to the main roster if he continues progressing at this rate.

#2. Loser - Johnny Gargano

Gargano came up short against Ciampa in his bid to win the NXT Championship

It is really hard to call Johnny Gargano a loser. The man was just involved in possibly the greatest feud that the WWE has produced in this decade. But it feels like the only direction that Gargano can go in after Saturday is down.

After coming up short in his bid to become the NXT Champion against Tommaso Ciampa, news broke out that Gargano had injured his knee during the match. Rumours have also been swirling around that a heel turn could be on the cards for the former DIY member.

Gargano should be fine in any role considering the ability that he possesses, but it is hard not to feel that his NXT career might have already peaked during his rivalry with Ciampa.

#1. Winner - Kairi Sane

Kairi S
Kairi Sane won the NXT Women's Championship on Saturday.

There is just something really likeable about Sane that shines through in her character. It is a quality that very few possess and is invaluable for a babyface to have. Just ask Daniel Bryan. When she started to cry after winning the NXT Women's Championship, it showed how much the moment meant to her.

She might not have the best gimmick on the roster, but Sane has found a way to make it work. Saturday night was the culmination of a lifelong journey of hard work and sacrifice for her. Kairi Sane was easily the biggest winner coming out of TakeOver Brooklyn IV.

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