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NXT TakeOver: Phoenix - Matt Riddle vs Kassius Ohno, winners, video highlights, and analysis

  • A desperate Kassius Ohno looked to finally earn his first big win in NXT.
Greg Bush
Modified 27 Jan 2019, 06:34 IST

When Kassius Ohno returned to NXT, the wrestling world expected to see him run through the roster and capture some gold. Well, that hasn't happened. And with every new signing, Ohno has been more overlooked and left in the dust.

Ohno felt the only way to stop that was to become the gatekeeper of NXT, and that meant stopping Matt Riddle before he ever got off his feet. At TakeOver: WarGames II, Riddle beat him in six seconds. Their rematch on NXT saw Riddle take him down one more time. This was Ohno's last chance to prove to himself, and the world, that he's not to be forgotten.

Riddle started off quick, forcing Ohno to go to the outside after a series of strikes to the sternum. Riddle didn't give him time to catch his breath, running around the ring for a flying elbow off the steel steps. Back inside, Riddle managed to keep up with Ohno who avoided multiple attacks and finished up with a senton splash. A gut-wrench suplex sent Ohno to the apron.

Riddle went for the sunset flip powerbomb off of the apron, but Ohno held on, then covered Riddle's face with the apron and stomped his face in. Right as he rolled back in, Ohno stood on top of his neck, then dropped a huge leg drop across his head. Riddle kicked out at two.

Ohno pelted Riddle with boots to the face, but the King of the Bros seemingly got fired up from the damage, standing up and slapping Ohno across his face. The Knockout Artist threw Riddle into the corner and lit him up with multiple elbow strikes and a running boot. Riddle fell to the outside, where Ohno sent him into the ring post and then the steel steps.

Riddle continued to stand up to the punishment, though, even keeping on his feet after another standing boot from Ohno. Back in the inside, Riddle looked to get back on top, only for Ohno to stomp his bare toes into the ground. Riddle fought him off and picked him up for an amazing stalling German suplex. Ohno kicked out but was met with the Bro Kicks. Ohno knelt down, only to pick Riddle's toes that he'd stepped on, breaking and biting them.


Ohno connected with the running sit-out powerbomb. Riddle managed to kick out again, only barely. Ohno went up top and hit a big moonsault, but Riddle still found a way to kick out. Ohno kept up the pressure, landing the rolling big boot and a running senton splash. A second one allowed Riddle to counter into a rear naked choke. Ohno rolled to the ropes but was gasping for breath.

Ohno begged for Riddle to stop, and attempted to fist bump his enemy. Riddle said no, caught his fist, and brushed his face with a brutal knee strike. Ohno would eventually tap out following multiple elbow strikes to his shoulder.

Matt Riddle won the match via submission.

Matt Riddle left NXT TakeOver: Phoenix 3-0 against Kassius Ohno, while the Knockout Artist remained winless at TakeOver events.

Published 27 Jan 2019, 06:34 IST
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