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WWE News: WarGames match evolves into a weapon filled frenzy

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It's been nearly twenty years since a WarGames match took place and NXT brought a fantastic match to the table. Some people were concerned when they found out that there would be some changes to the traditional rules and procedure of this classic match set up. But it turns out that everything was in place for a reason as every piece seemed to fit together to form a seamless violent dance.

The Undisputed Era's name was called first and they flooded the ring. AOP came in next and laid waste to as many people as they could. But it wasn't until SaNITy's number was called that things really picked up.

Killian Dain took his time getting in the ring. Before entering the WarGames and officially starting "the match beyond" the man formerly known as Big Damo on the world's indy scene searched under the ring and plucked a few toys out from underneath the ring.

Chairs, trashcans, kendo sticks, and a long chain entered the ring and then the crowd started chanting, "we want tables" so Dain delivered by bringing two tables into the ring as well. After Dain got in the ring he chained the door with his own lock and swallowed the key.

The rest of the match developed into an amazing weapons match. Even the fact the cage didn't have a roof played a part in this epic matchup. Killian Dain really had a breakout performance during this match. He delivered many high-risk moves that were very impressive for a man his size.

But in the end, it would be Adam Cole and The Undisputed Era's clever thinking that eventually paid off in big ways. After avoiding disaster and two Tower Of Doom moves, Cole jumped on top of the cage to stay there until his time was needed to take a superplex off the top of the cage from Roderick Strong onto the rest of the competitors.

There were broken tables, smashed trashcans, and dented chairs. Alexander Wolfe was left bloody after he hit one of the Authors of Pain with a Super German Suplex through two tables but in the end, as Eric Young got up while clutching a chair with the intention of levelling Adam Cole, The Undisputed Era's leader kicked the chair back into Young's face and he scored a three count to win the match.

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