NXT UK Results: Epic three-way brawl; WALTER finds a new challenger

WALTER confronts his new challenger; Teoman earns a new follower
WALTER confronts his new challenger; Teoman earns a new follower
Greg Bush

NXT UK had some great match-ups this week as we saw Teoman, Stevie Turner, Oliver Carter, and more get some great time to shine. However, the brand had something special for fans this week.

NXT UK brought a world class main event tonight. Three of the toughest competitors, not just in NXT UK, but in WWE as a whole, would face off in a triple threat. Rampage Brown, Joe Coffey, and Ilja Dragunov; who was the toughest man in NXT UK?

Speaking of Coffey, his brother Mark was in the middle of a playful contest with his former NXT UK Tag Champion partner Wolfgang. They wanted to see who would have a better run in the singles division. His opponent tonight? Sha Samuels.

Mark Coffey vs Sha Samuels on NXT UK

Mark Coffey avoided a hip toss from Sha Samuels, bringing down his opponent with a running uppercut and a hip toss. The former NXT UK Tag Champion traded heavy blows with Samuels, with the latter turning Coffey inside out with a clothesline.

Samuels slowed things down, keeping Coffey seated on the mat and laying into him with elbows and kicks. Any time Coffey got to his feet, Samuels was able to knock him back down with clubbing blows. Coffey blocked the Butcher's Hook and hoisted Samuels up for a big back-body drop.

Coffey and Samuels traded shots, with Coffey getting the best of Samuels. A big clothesline and diving bulldog dropped Samuels for the two-count. The Mark of Excellence planted Samuels, getting Coffey another near fall.

Samuels avoided a leaping enzuigiri and planted Coffey with a beautiful Double A spinebuster. Coffey countered another Butcher's Hook by landing on top of Samuels. A big running basement uppercut knocked Samuels out cold, giving Coffey the win.

Results: Mark Coffey defeated Sha Samuels via pinfall on NXT UK.

Grade: B

With Wolfgang's win on NXT UK last week, both he and Coffey are tied at 1-1 in singles competition. Will his fellow Gallus stablemate Joe Coffey be able to pick up a victory in our NXT UK main event tonight?

New opponent for Jinny?

NXT UK's Jinny spoke down to Mila Smidt backstage, setting up a possible match up down the line. With Jinny and Joseph Conners taking a loss last week, she'd definitely need a victory sooner rather than later.

NXT UK Tag Champions Pretty Deadly were seen insulting Subculture after their victory last week. Subculture challenged them to a match, but the champs walked off before they could answer.

Stevie Turner vs Laura DiMatteo on NXT UK

Stevie Turner bounced Laura Di Matteo's face off the mat to start things off. Matteo got back on her feet and seemed to have Turner beaten in a technical match-up. Turner broke away, sending her into the ropes and hitting a pair of face wash boots.

A running forearm on the apron sent Matteo into the ring, and a basement elbow strike dropped her for a two-count. Matteo was locked in a standing straight jacket before Turner forced her onto the mat. Di Matteo escaped, sending Turner overhead and hitting a big dropkick into the corner.

Turner avoided another attack, hitting the Nightmare on Helms Street. A slingshot flatliner planted Di Matteo, giving Turner a dominant victory.

Results: Stevie Turner defeated Laura Di Matteo via pinfall.

Grade: C

Former NXT UK Tag Champions Gallus were celebrating their singles success backstage as they met Joe Coffey. Mark Coffey and Wolfgang hyped up Joe ahead of his big main event match.

We got a vignette for a soon-to-be debuting star. Though we didn't see their face, we saw them sign the name "Blair Davenport" on an NXT UK contract. With the rumors swirling, could this be the one and only Bea Priestly?

Oliver Carter vs Teoman on NXT UK

Teoman already injured Oliver Carter's NXT UK tag team partner last month, and Carter was looking for revenge tonight. Carter sent Teomaon overhead with a headscissors takedown. Teoman slapped Carter across the face, only firing up Carter.

Teoman was battered with lefts and rights, and a leaping crescent kick and clothesline took Teoman to the floor. Though Carter connected with a dive, Teoman drove his arm into the steel steps to turn things around. With that opening, Teoman picked at the fresh injury for several minutes. After much punishment, Carter's left arm nearly hung by a thread.

Teoman went for the crossface but couldn't lock it in. After digging at Carter's eye, something the NXT UK official didn't see, Teoman went for a Fujiwara Armbar. Carter was able to get to the ropes and connected with a springboard moonsault.

After hitting a pair of stiff clotheslines, Carter blasted him with a superkick. Somehow Teoman just managed to kick out. On the top, Teoman leaned back to avoid a high-standing dropkick. A diving DDT spiked Carter, and the crossface was locked in.

Results: Teoman defeated Oliver Carter via submission on NXT UK.

Grade: B

Teoman looked to send a message to Carter and all of NXT UK, locking in the crossface once again. Rohan Raja seemingly came down to make the save. However, when Teoman pointed to his eye, Raja attacked Carter. Hopefully Ashton Smith will be back soon to aid his tag partner.

Last week on NXT UK, A-Kid challenged former NXT Cruiserweight Champion Jordan Devlin to a match. Next week, wwe'llsee them square off. Tyler Bate will also put his Heritage Cup on the line against Jack Starz.

Finally, NXT UK Meiko Satomura will address the roster and fans weeks after ending Kay Lee Ray's legendary title reign.

Ilja Dragunov vs Joe Coffey vs Rampage Brown on NXT UK

Who is the toughest in NXT UK?
Who is the toughest in NXT UK?

Three of NXT UK's most dangerous men faced off in what fans hoped would be a nonstop brawl, and that's exactly what we got. All three of these men had challenged WALTER for the NXT UK Championship in the past year, and they'd all come within half a second of dethroning him.

Rampage Brown and Joe Coffey stared one another down, ignoring Ilja Dragunov. It was a mistake, as Dragunov had a lot to prove. After Coffey sent Rampage into the corner, he was blasted by Dragunov. Coffey shook off the onslaught, hitting a pop-up uppercut. Dragunov and Rampage teamed up to take out Coffey, and Rampage caught Dragunov coming out of the sky with a powerslam.

With Coffey and Rampage squaring off again, Dragunov got the upper hand. After taking down NXT UK's Iron King Joe Coffey, he rolled Rampage to the mat for an armbar attempt. Rampage stood up, tossing him into Coffey's German suplex. The heavyweights ran into one another several times before Rampage hit a standing dropkick.

Coffey responded by driving Rampage into the corner and planting him with a spinebuster. A Boston Crab was locked in, and Coffey held the hold while Dragunov teed off on his head with punches and chops. A running boot finally weakened his grip.

Rampage hit both of his opponents with a double suplex. Coffey avoided a powerbomb, tossing Rampage to the floor. Dragunov rocked Coffey with a spinning back fist and a high-angle German suplex. A spectacular bridge nearly earned Dragunov the victory.

Coffey ran up the ropes to cut off Dragunov's dive. Dragunov eventually knocked Coffey off into Rampage's Samoan Drop. A diving senton bomb hit Coffey, and Brown planted him on top of Coffey with a spinebuster. Coffey barely kicked out in this NXT UK main event.

In a stand-up fight, Rampage demolished Dragunov. Dragunov blocked a shot and hit a series of clotheslines, taking Brown off his feet. A knee knocked down Coffey, and Dragunov rocked Rampage with a missile dropkick, sending him into the corner. Coffey launched Dragunov into Rampage with a shoulder tackle.

Rampage and Dragunov fell to the floor where Coffey hit a massive crossbody. A dropkick on the inside folded Dragunov up like an accordion, but Dragunov kicked out. A leaping pump kick stunned Coffey, who responded with a rebound clothesline. A discus lariat laid out Dragnov, but Coffey was taken to the floor by Rampage.

Rampage planted Coffey with a powerslam, leaving NXT UK's original heavyweight writhing in pain. Dragunov crumbled to his feet when he was picked up, but somehow managed to fire up on Rampage. A double leg takedown set Dragunov up for a pair of German suplexes.

Coffey ran in for the third, but Rampage held onto the ropes, breaking away and launching his opponents overhead with a German of his own. Rampage Brown hit the Doctor Bomb on Coffey only for Dragunov to break it up. The leader of Gallus was sent to the floor, and Dragunov knocked Rampage out with a diving Torpedo Moscow.

Results: Ilja Dragunov defeated Rampage Brown on NXT UK

Grade: A+

With a major win in the NXT UK main event, Dragunov proved he was the toughest man on the brand. What did this mean for Dragunov's future? Well, NXT UK Champion WALTER made his way to the ring as Dragunov celebrated.

Exhausted, Dragunov looked up as WALTER loomed over him. He slapped the taste out of Dragunov's mouth before choking him out with a rear naked choke.

Edited by Daniel Wood


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