NXT UK results: mystery tag team partner revealed, destructive main event match

The NXT UK Tag Team Championships were on the line this week
The NXT UK Tag Team Championships were on the line this week
Levi Grayshon

On tonight's NXT UK, Tag Team Champions Pretty Deadly faced Jack Starz and his mystery partner. The NXT UK Tag Team titles were on the line for the first time in weeks.

Also on this week's show, the rivalry between SUBCULTURE and the duo of Jinny and Joseph Conners heated up even more, as Conners took on Flash Morgan Webster in singles action.

The show opened with Ilja Dragunov taking on Super Nova Sessions host Noam Dar following their clash on the chat show last week.

Rampage Brown and Joe Coffey had a rematch in the main event following their previous battle on the show. The frenzied match saw the two clash once more - with a new challenger stepping up to the plate.

Here are the match results, grades and highlights from this week's NXT UK.

Noam Dar vs Ilja Dragunov opened this week's NXT UK

Ilja Dragunov and Noam Dar kicked off the action on NXT UK this week, after their confrontation on last week's edition of Super Nova Sessions. In the opening match of this week's NXT UK, the duo looked evenly matched as they both launched into attacks on one another.

Noam Dar caught Ilja Dragunov in a wrist lock, but Dragunov managed to fight his way out before taking Dar down to the mat. After a back-and-forth, the pair came back to both be standing, and Dragunov appeared to take control over the action.

Noam Dar then saw Ilja Dragunov struggle with his left knee, which led him to come harder for his foe, kicking him to the outside of the NXT UK ring before bringing his rival back in. Dragunov continued to clutch onto his left knee as the pair fought on.

With Dragunov down on the mat, Dar continued to target his left leg with multiple leg strikes. When Dragunov rose, Dar took him back down with yet another attack on his foe's left knee.

Dragunov then caught Noam Dar with a wrist lock and took him down with a series of harsh knee strikes. As Dragunov held Dar by the leg to try and move him into a submission, Dar caught him in the jaw with multiple kicks.

Dragunov continued his offense by hitting Dar with a German Suplex. He then struck Dar repeatedly using his elbows. The pair then came to the center of the ring and began exchanging swift strikes, with Noam Dar eventually going down. He then took Dar down again with a lariat and attempted a pin, but Dar kicked out.

The thrilling conclusion to this NXT UK opener between Ilja Dragunov and Noam Dar

As this week's NXT UK opening match continued, Ilja Dragunov followed up by climbing to the middle rope to perform a high-flying move onto Dar, but landed on his injured knee. Noam Dar capitalized on this by grabbing Dragunov into a Champagne Super Knee Bar, and striking him repeatedly while he was caught in this.

The pair returned to standing once more, with Ilja Dragunov clearly struggling on his injured leg at this point. Noam Dar hit Dragunov with multiple leg strikes to the chest, sending him back down to the mat. Dar then goaded Dragunov, who returned with a flurry of strikes, and lifted Dar over his shoulders before dumping him down.

As the pair returned to their feet, Ilja Dragunov hit Noam Dar with a Torpedo Moscow and pinned him to take the win.

Winner: Ilja Dragunov

Grade: B+

After this match, Assistant the the General Manager Sid Scala was shown welcoming Jordan Devlin returning to NXT UK. The former Cruiserweight Champion gave Scala a list of demands, including his own private NXT UK dressing room and a spot on Super Nova Sessions.

NXT UK tag team championship match, Pretty Deadly vs Jack Starz, and a mystery partner

On last week's NXT UK, Pretty Deadly confronted Jack Starz backstage to make him an offer. The NXT UK tag team champions claimed that they would put their titles on the line against Starz if he could find a partner.

On NXT UK this week, Starz revealed that Nathan Frazer would be his partner, which left Pretty Deadly reeling. In a tag match on this week's show, Starz and Sam Stoker kicked off the action. Stoker took control to begin with and managed to take Starz down to the mat.

However, Jack Starz quickly bounced back and managed to take Stoker down with a dropkick before he tagged in Lewis Howley. Howley immediately hit Starz with an elbow drop before the pair exchanged strikes in the center of the NXT UK ring.

Starz then tagged in Nathan Fraser, who quickly took control over Howley. He targeted Howley with an arm drag and followed up with a dropkick before Howley tagged in Sam Stoker. Fraser hit Stoker with a series of chest chops before Lewis Howley pulled down the ring rope, which sent Nathan Fraser falling to the outside.

Back in the NXT UK ring, Nathan Fraser took Sam Stoker down with another dropkick before Lewis Howley tagged back in. Sam Stoker quickly tagged back in, and Nathan Fraser managed to return to his corner to tag Jack Starz.

Starz got back into the ring with huge momentum and managed to get in plenty of offense on Stoker before Lewis Howley and Nathan Fraser stormed the ring. The action focused back on Stoker and Starz before Howley tagged himself back in. Stoker then returned to the ring and hit Jack Starz with Spilled Milk to pin Starz and retain the NXT UK Tag Team Championships.

Winners: Pretty Deadly

Grade: B-

Flash Morgan Webster (with SUBCULTURE) vs Joseph Conners (with Jinny) on NXT UK

Following the confrontation between the two alliances on last week's NXT UK, Joseph Conners took on Flash Morgan Webster of the new faction SUBCULTURE. The match began with the two men seeming equally matched, with Flash Morgan Webster quickly downing Conners with a dropkick. Conners then went in on Webster and repeatedly slammed his head into the mat.

Former NXT UK Tag Team Champion Webster then targeted Conners with multiple chops to the chest, which Conners then responded to by slamming his rival into the turnnuckles of the NXT UK ring. The pair then exchanged blows, and Webster took Conners down once again with a springboard moonsault.

Webster then hot Conners in the chest with a headbutt, and Jinny grabbed Webster's helmet and threw it across to Conners. It was then confiscated by the referee, and Jinny used the distraction to push Flash Morgan Webster off the top rope, which gave an opening for Conners to pin him.

After the match ended, Mark Andrews and Dani Luna stood in the NXT UK ring and stared down Jinny and Joseph Conners with Flash Morgan Webster.

Winner: Joseph Conners

Grade: B-

NXT UK main event: Rampage Brown vs Joe Coffey (with Gallus)

Rampage Brown took on Joe Coffey of Gallus at this week's NXT UK main event. The action got off to a frenzied start, with Coffey taking Brown down with a quick crossbody. Brown then followed up with multiple strikes and a dropkick.

The action then moved to the apron of the NXT UK ring, where the pair exchanged multiple strikes. As the action moved back into the ring, Brown targeted Coffey's injured hand. Coffey then hoisted up Brown and dropped him onto the ropes.

Coffey repeatedly targeted Brown's midsection with repeated strikes, before slamming him into the turnbuckles. The former NXT UK Tag Team Champion followed this up with more strikes to the midsection. He then lifted up his rival and slammed him on his back in the center of the ring.

After the pair shared multiple blows, Joe Coffey took Rampage Brown down again with a Belly-to-Belly suplex, and followed this up with a backwards splash from the top rope. Brown then fought back with stiff strikes, despite clutching on to his ribcage in pain.

Rampage Brown then hit Joe Coffey with a crossbody from the top rope, which left both men reeling in the middle of the NXT UK ring. the duo rose and then exchanged fierce strikes. Coffey then sent Brown outside with a crossbody against the ropes.

Joe Coffey then ran at Rampage Brown with the Glasgow Sendoff into the steel steps. The pair then returned to the ring. Joe Coffey hit Brown with a suplex and attempted a pin, but Brown kicked out at two.

Rampage Brown then went for the Doctor Bomb, but Coffey fought his way out. He hit his rival with another Glasgow Sendoff, which he followed up with a discus lariat, and managed to pin Rampage Brown to take home the win.

As NXT UK went off air, the pair shook hands and were interrupted by Ilja Dragunov, who stared down both men.

Winner: Joe Coffey

Grade: B

Edited by Greg Bush


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