Only one WWE star can save Dominik Mysterio from Rhea Ripley when she returns, and it's not Damian Priest

Rhea, Priest, and Dominik (via WWE
Rhea Ripley (left) & Damian Priest and Dominik Mysterio (right) [Image credits: & WWE's official Instagram handle]

Dominik Mysterio might be in massive trouble after Liv Morgan kissed him on the latest episode of WWE RAW. It is quite possible that Dirty Dom will face the wrath of Rhea Ripley upon her return.

However, there is someone who can save Dom Dom from The Nightmare's wrath, and that star is not Damian Priest. The name in question is certainly not Liv Morgan. The star being referred to here is none other than Finn Balor.

The Prince has been an integral part of The Judgment Day for two years at this point. He has grown close to Rhea Ripley, Dominik, and Priest over these two years. If Rhea decides to punish Dominik upon her eventual return, Balor could realistically be the one to save him from Mami.

There have been tensions between Rhea Ripley and Damian Priest in the past


Not too long ago, fans witnessed that not all was right within The Judgment Day. WWE even shared a backstage video in which Rhea Ripley could be seen yelling at Damian Priest.

Priest and Ripley are very close. However, their tense backstage interaction highlights that Priest probably won't be able to do much if Ripley decides to punish Dominik Mysterio.

Finn Balor has a soft spot for Dominik Mysterio

It seems like former Universal Champion Finn Balor has a lot of respect and admiration for Dominik Mysterio. Last year, he appeared on The Ringer Wrestling Show and made a bold statement about Dirty Dom.

Balor spoke in detail about Dominik's rise to the top over the past two years. The Prince then called him the future of the business.

Tensions within The Judgment Day, and Finn Balor's recent tweet about Dominik Mysterio

On a recent episode of RAW, fans saw that there was tension building up between Damian Priest and Dominik Mysterio. The Archer of Infamy made it clear to Dominik and JD McDonagh that he did not need them, but instead, they needed him.

Additionally, Finn Balor recently reacted to Liv Morgan kissing Dominik Mysterio. Surprisingly, The Judgment Day member was not angry and praised Dom Dom by stating that he has got "game." It is clear as day that he likes Dominik and would do everything in his power to make Rhea Ripley realize that he was not at fault and that Liv forcibly kissed him.

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