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Opinion: 3 Things Simone Johnson should not do in WWE

Simone Johnson
Simone Johnson
Modified 14 Feb 2020, 08:28 IST

With the news of Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson's daughter, Simone, reporting to the WWE performance center, the wrestling world now has their sight on the latest recruit as to what she can bring to the table. She now has to not only prove she's capable but not be eclipsed in the shadow of her father.

More than just being the daughter of The Great One, there are other things that she has to do to build her name in the company besides dropping the last name like the company has been doing to other Superstars lately. To ensure her success, here are three things she should not do while in the company.

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Imitate her father's gimmick

The Rock
The Rock

The Rock is known for his mic and in-ring skills which is easy to gravitate to growing up around it. Any use of the People's Eyebrow, Rock Bottom, or People's Elbow won't work all the time. Perhaps, if she and her father do it at the same time on another Superstar for kicks and giggles at special events would be great.

In the wrestling business, it's hard to be as original as you can. The good thing is with the coaches there to train and help her create a believable gimmick she can branch away from her father's shadow and stand as her own.

Link with the Samoan family immediately

The Anoa
The Anoa'i family

The Samoan culture within WWE is no secret with Reigns, Usos, Tamina, and Nia Jax all belonging or being affiliated with the culture. Though it would be an easier way to climb the ropes or to get her on television sooner than later, if she was to link with these Superstars, their star power can interfere with her growth within the company as a possible singles competitor.

This doesn't mean she shouldn't take advice or train with them but give her time to grow and establish herself first before pairing herself with the family.

Join Total Divas

Total Divas
Total Divas

Though the show is entertaining and it gives those who aren't on the main card more television time, it may be one of those things where she can add to the show once she's more established as a WWE Superstar. Honestly, it would be funny to see how she interacts with her family in her everyday life.

This is the only week one of her training and there's work that needs to be done. She may work a couple of Live Shows before actually becoming part of a brand. She will also become the first fourth-generation star.Β 

What are your thoughts on Simone G. Johnson? Do you think she will succeed as an in-ring competitor? Leave your comments below.

Published 14 Feb 2020, 08:28 IST
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