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Opinion: Alexa Bliss needs a face turn

2.34K   //    13 Mar 2018, 22:45 IST

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Before people think I don't like Alexa Bliss, I'm a huge fan. Since she has made her main roster debut she has shined in every scenario as a performer, cutting impeccable promos of which the best talkers of the business would be in awe of. But I'm a fan of Alexa Bliss the performer, not the character she portrays.

Her character reminds us of an entitled spoiled child who loves making derogatory statements, like calling Mickie James old. If she wasn't so talented on the mic and did not have the presence she does possess, she would most definitely have gone nowhere and would have been lost in the shuffle forever.

Her gimmick may work if she had a pure babyface as her rival - someone like Bayley - but otherwise, her character does not go well with the other competitors in her division. Her apparent Wrestlemania opponent, Nia Jax, would have to fight as a face in order to make this match work, which just doesn't suit someone like Nia.

But imagine this. Nia Jax, the monster heel who is rampant and is crushing all competition, against a babyface Alexa bliss, playing the underdog, overcoming the odds and beating Jax at the Grandest Stage of Them All.

Not only would this make the match more interesting, it would also allow Jax to unleash her ruthlessness and allow Alexa to take out various maneuvers, something which she could easily pull of considering her athletic prowess, creating a classic David vs Goliath match, which would truly mean the women's revolution as such storylines are reserved for the men.

Alexa has said herself that she could do the extravagant manoeuvres like Charlotte and Sasha Banks, but her character would not do such moves to please the crowds. All of these points affirm the fact that Alexa Bliss needs to turn face and become the Daniel Bryan of the women's division. All of her supporters would love for the chance to back their goddess.

Unless the WWE wants the Raw Women's Championship scene to look more like a high school rivalry, where Bliss plays the bratty bully who uses and discards friends as she feels and Jax being portrayed as the person who stops her tyranny, they need to do better with a talent like Alexa Bliss. Just making her carry a sub-par and borderline annoying gimmick with the help of her abilities is a waste.

With WrestleMania coming up in a few weeks, now might be too late, but one could only hope this change occurs. They could really make her one of, if not the best female Superstar the company ever had.

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