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Opinion: Ciampa vs Gargano is the best feud of all time

514   //    10 Mar 2019, 10:08 IST

Best feud ever.
Best feud ever.

It all started at Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic tournament in 2015 and four years later, it was going to end at the same place. But just when we thought we would get a perfect ending, bad luck struck again. Tommaso Ciampa has undergone neck surgery according to and will be out for a long time.

Ciampa vs Gargano goes back to a long time. The duo met in singles competition in the cruiserweight classic where Gargano prevailed. But the real story started when they both decided to team up to take part in the inaugural Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic tournament.

Although they did not win, they soon caught the attention of NXT Universe. The team, named as #DIY, were getting popular day by day. The team started gaining momentum and challenged The Top Guys, The Revival for the NXT tag team championship.

In a fantastic 2 out of 3 falls match, DIY captured the tag titles and the crowd erupted in joy. But the story was starting to go into the next chapter. DIY held the title for 70 days but lost it to the dangerous team known as the Authors of Pain.

However, they got another chance at the title, but just 2 days before the title match, Ciampa injured his knee. Despite that, the pair went on to have a fantastic tag team match but came out on the losing end.

Johnny Wrestling was always the star of the duo but that night a villain rose from the ashes. Ciampa became the villain we did not know he could become. He did not only turn on his partner but blamed him for all the losses too.

After explaining his actions, Ciampa went out for a year although promising he would return as the most dangerous villain NXT would ever have seen.

Meanwhile, Gargano got the sympathy and became the true babyface and started gaining momentum in the singles division. He even got an opportunity at the NXT title. But just when you thought Johnny Wrestling was going to get his big moment, the third chapter in the feud started.

Tommaso Ciampa returned, and he took out Johnny Gargano, costing him the match and his career in NXT. Tomasso looked like a soul possessed. The crowd hated him, they wanted Gargano to beat the hell out of him and he did oblige, he beat Ciampa in a match where a victory would guarantee his return to the yellow brand.


Johnny thought he had won the battle. But it was not a battle, it was a war. Ciampa returned, and he took out Johnny again, signalling it is not over. Ciampa and Johnny went after each other again in a street fight, but this time Ciampa took advantage of Gargano's hesitation and defeated him.

Ciampa, still basking in the glory, challenged then NXT champion, Aleister Black and promised to take the title from him. Ciampa got the opportunity but he could not escape the wrath of the devil. But just when you thought this story was taking a different turn, Gargano returned. He was so hell-bent on costing Ciampa the title match that he inadvertently cost Black his title instead.

Ciampa became the NXT champion, courtesy of Johnny Wrestling. Gargano was angry but he was not the only one criticizing himself. Black blamed Johnny for losing his title and a triple threat match ensued between the three top guys, it was Johnny Gargano vs Aleister Black vs Tomasso Ciampa for the NXT title. But this story, the best-told story, took another turn. Black got attacked in the parking lot days before his championship match.

Johnny Gargano vs Tomasso Ciampa was happening again. But again, Ciampa stole the win. Meanwhile, NXT's general manager, William Regal was searching for Black's attacker and there was one unhinged star who knew who the attacker was but she would not tell.

Time passed, Ciampa flourished, Gargano floundered and Black emerged, he emerged from the dark and found out about his attacker from the same unhinged star. It was time for another chapter, as everyone's hero, Johnny Gargano was the culprit.

People did not believe it, but the rivalry made him so mad, that he took the wrong route, he took the shortcut to reach Ciampa, but this path was dangerous. Gargano could not reach Ciampa as Black was in the way.

Everybody's loved one, Johnny Wrestling, became the villain. He became so desperate that he did not care for anyone and he started liking the new path he had taken as this path took him to new heights.

Gargano was not focused on Ciampa now, he wanted gold. And he got one. Gargano became the NXT North American Champion. But there was a new twist in the story, Gargano lost the title in his first defense after he refused to get help from his enemy, Tomasso Ciampa, who suddenly started liking Gargano's new attitude. Ciampa offered Gargano a deal, to become champions again, together and the way to do that was to win the Dusty Rhodes tag team classic.

The story was about to end, we were about to witness the final chapter of this long-running feud. Would it have ended with Gargano and Ciampa winning the tag team titles and become the villainous version of once popular DIY or would it have ended with Ciampa turning on his friend again and restarting it all over or would Gargano had gone the distance this time, winning the NXT championship finally and becoming Johnny Wrestling again?

I guess, we will know but we will have to be patient. Maybe wait for a long time. But this feud, it will start, it will start again and it will reach its finishing point because this feud, it is the best of all time.