Opinion: Cody Rhodes will be remembered for more reasons than one

  • Cody Rhodes will be remembered as a legend in the Wrestling industry
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Cody Rhodes donning a completely different persona

The late Dusty Rhodes was a wrestling symbol. In spite of the fact that he may have held the pencil while recounting to a portion of his best stories against Ric Flair and The Four Horsemen amid his 1980s pinnacle, 'The Son Of A Plumber' could talk thousands into structures to watch his significant matches and talk his way into the hearts of millions more to get his adventures on TV and pay-per-view.

His last heritage was as an NXT/Performance Center foundation - a learning tree for the present best and tomorrow's brightest alike to sit underneath. However, his most youthful child Cody is none of these things.

In the event that this rundown is about potential, there is essentially no one else that fits the portrayal more in 2018. Rhodes bet on himself - a rarer quality in the time of WWE encountering remarkable worldwide strength - when he cleared out the organization in 2016 and hasn't thought back since

In two years, he has reclassified himself as a laborer marginally underneath the world's first class, taken cuts from record-setting stock checks, and organized the greatest free wrestling show of the cutting edge time - possibly the greatest ever. He's a wrestler, a games performer, a trend-setter and an industry pioneer. He's likewise 33 - almost 10 years more youthful than his dad was at his outright pinnacle. 

Bullet Club

It always amuses me to think how a faction like Bullet Club can survive even after losing many high profile wrestlers to WWE on a regular basis. Truth be told, Bullet Club is not just a faction but an ideology which has kept it running. The fact that the sweet gesture works for Finn Balor at WWE like it would have in NJPW, it's remarkable how Cody Rhodes has taken it forward to a different level.

Wrestling has become personal

For the kind of talent that Cody was, he deserved better than to have his entire run switching between serving Randy Orton (which by the way, Cody is so proud of) and then the ultimate joke that WWE threw on his when he portrayed the gimmick of Stardust. While the gimmick in itself wasn't that bad, poor bookings switched the audience to brighter and more authentic material in what is left of WWE.


Cody has often shown discomfort about his run in WWE. Despite being from a wrestling background and having the power to portray himself as a character taking the lineage forward, Cody never found himself in A-listers of the WWE. But then he signed with NJPW and started working in the independent circuits.

He has never looked back since then and right now, Cody Rhodes is one of the most celebrated and talked about wrestlers in the Wrestling Federation.


Twitter and words

Cody Rhodes has never shied away from expressing his views. Cody's Twitter account is always loaded with opinions about certain segments of the shows and often give his remarks on different promos in Wrestling entertainment delivered by other wrestlers.

Fans are aware of this nature and did not shy away last week after Randy Orton remarked indirectly about his position in the wrestling company as someone who works indie and stole the sweet hand gesture.

Cody Rhodes
Cody Rhodes

The fans could be seen angry, fuming at Cody Rhodes to give some piece of advise to Cody's leader when he worked under the stable, "The Legacy" in WWE. Cody's response left everybody is greater respect for him, and he remains to be one wrestler who has shown that personal enmity and promos are often real and not scripted even if the bouts are.

Cody Rhodes isn't a wrestling symbol. In any case, possibly, he could be that and that's only the tip of the iceberg. Cody Rhodes is just 33 and it is to be seen where he goes from here, he has already achieved so much at a very young age.

Published 27 Jul 2018, 22:14 IST
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