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Opinion: EC3 deserves much better

Shiraz Aslam
255   //    29 Jun 2019, 22:03 IST

EC3 hasn't been successful in WWE thus far.
EC3 hasn't been successful in WWE thus far.

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At one point, EC3 was a name that was synonymous with TNA. He was one of the biggest stars and had victories over legends like Kurt Angle and Jeff Hardy, which is an amazing feat. However, his return to WWE has been a complete bust.

When the former TNA golden boy was returning to WWE, fans were optimistic about his future. Few doubted that WWE would blow this opportunity away as they did initially with EC3, then known as Derrick Bateman. However, so far, WWE hasn't done justice to EC3.

In NXT, EC3 was switching roles as a heel and a babyface. He only had one major feud with the Velveteen Dream, which he lost. The majority of his run was hampered by injury and a lack of credible feuds. He was overshadowed by the likes of Aleister Black, Johnny Gargano, and Adam Cole. In short, EC3's NXT run was extremely disappointing and underwhelming.

In December, EC3 was brought up to the main roster. He would appear mysteriously in backstage segments but would make his debut two months later in early February against Dean Ambrose. EC3 walked out victorious but would lose to Ambrose the following week.

Since then, EC3 has had nothing worthwhile to do. He was eliminated early in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal and was absolutely decimated by Braun Strowman in mid-April on Raw for absolutely no reason. When the 24/7 Championship was introduced, EC3 was regularly seen running around the arena after the 24/7 champion, usually R-Truth. He even won the championship on Raw, but lost it mere moments later, so I wouldn't count that as a win.

Needless to say, EC3 hasn't had the best days in WWE and would love have to have a swift change in fortunes for the better.

EC3 deserves better than what he is currently getting. He can cut a good promo, he has the perfect physique a WWE star should have and can put on a great match. The Top One Percent isn't the best wrestler the WWE has to offer, but is far from the worst. The guy has decent in-ring prowess, has great mic skills and his passion for the industry is palpable. He can connect with the audience in a way few can.

Another reason to push EC3 is because he hasn't been given a proper chance. He hasn't even had the opportunity to formally introduce himself to the WWE Universe. He seldom shows up on TV and has only competed in a couple of matches on Raw and SmackDown Live. WWE should give him a chance so that he can truly show us what he's made of.

The Top One Percent is a great addition to the WWE roster. If given the right opportunity, he could turn into a big star in WWE just like he did in TNA. EC3 has been underutilized thus far, he has indirectly voiced his frustrations on social media and fans aren't thrilled about the way he is treated. WWE may not be as high on him as they are on stars like Roman Reigns, but I think that EC3 has immense potential and he could become a future world champion.