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Opinion: How WWE should book Kevin Owens' return

Harsh Agrawal
3.31K   //    28 Aug 2018, 19:50 IST

Kevin Owens
Kevin Owens - Quit?

Last night on Raw, Kevin Owens said "I quit" and walked off the ring after he failed to win the Intercontinental title championship match against Seth Rollins. He is obviously not going anywhere as he signed a 5 year contract with WWE in May this year.

Surely it is part of some sort of storyline that WWE has developed for Owens moving forward. The match itself was well choreographed, and Owens looked like his old self for the first time since coming to Raw.

Both wrestlers sold the match very well, and it seems like finally, WWE had decided to do something worthwhile with Kevin. But his decision to quit after the match came as a surprise to almost everybody.

He is probably just going away for a while to nurse some kind of injury, or to simply take a break. There are so many ways WWE could bring him back. But lets look a way I think will suit Kevin Owens best, keeping in mind his character and skills.

To start with, Owens should be away from TV at least till Hell in a Cell is over, as fans will start genuinely missing him like it happened with Randy Orton or Jeff Hardy this year. Everyone was interested in seeing what they would be doing, once they returned to the ring.

WWE can play the same card with Owens as well. He has a huge fan base, and true wrestling fans just love his heel character. WWE should book him in a similar way they booked Orton this year.

Orton destroyed Hardy at the post Extremes Rules episode of SmackDown, citing that the WWE Universe does not care about his achievements, so he is just going to destroy all the fan favourite wrestlers.

They can do the same thing with Owens, he could attack any of the over the top babyfaces that fans love right now, like Finn Balor or Bobby Lashley, giving a similar reason that WWE management and the fans do not care about him, that is why he decided to quit and now he has come back to take his place.

It is even true in his case. He could go for Seth Rollins, tying this week's match into the storyline.

One way the management needs to make this work is to ensure he comes back as the Kevin Owens of the year 2015. That was the time when he was a confident and care-free heel who defeated John Cena cleanly. He needs to come back as the same man. That way, he could run through the roster, beating all the babyfaces, until he reaches the top.

WWE ruined Randy's comeback by taking the storyline too slow, and his heel promos were also not exactly up to the mark. Although my fantasy storyline for Kevin's comeback is not exactly the same as Randy's comeback story.

In Kevin's case, his problem is with the entire management of WWE, and the Raw roster. It is time we finally get the company's best heel back in action.

This year has been very bad for Kevin Owens. If this all really happens, then we could see him in the Universal Title picture as early as WrestleMania 35.

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