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Opinion: Is Alexa Bliss' monster push affecting the entire Women's division?

Rohit Nath
2.21K   //    23 Jul 2018, 18:19 IST

Alexa Bliss' dominance has been unmatched, but is that a good thing?

Since TLC 2016, there hasn't been a single Women's title match on her respective brand that Alexa Bliss hasn't been involved in. With a whopping 5 title reigns across 2 brands spanning a total of 478 days, Alexa Bliss has quite clearly been established as the Queen Bee of WWE's Women's division.

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However, the issue is at large here. It's not just been about "WWE being high on Alexa Bliss". It's very clear that she is the best talker in the entire division. She's got a great look. She's worthy of being champion. But the issue at large here is that WWE has compromised their entire women's division to make her look good.

Many have begun to compare the last two years of the Women's division as "Reign of terror part 2", a sequel to Triple H's infamous "Reign of terror" about 15 years ago. Why is that so? Because the maximum amount of time she's gone without holding a title has been 84 days, i.e, when the SmackDown Women's Championship was first created.

Recently, she didn't hold the title for about 70 days after losing the title at WrestleMania. While Nia Jax wasn't the fan favourite choice as Women's Champion, it came as a relief to many fans to see a fresh face hold the RAW Women's Championship. Not only this, but the WrestleMania match felt like the culmination of a story that was designed to be a payoff to Alexa Bliss' heel antics and title which she constantly retained through nefarious means.

The word "payoff" is very important here. Every story where the heel stands tall for a long time is designed so that a babyface can eventually benefit from it by having the last laugh. But this is the complete opposite of what's happened with Alexa Bliss, particularly on RAW.

She's gone through opponents like Becky Lynch, Bayley, Sasha Banks, Mickie James and Nia Jax with no consequences towards her actions. While "the money is in the chase" and she will likely get her comeuppance through Ronda Rousey, but at what cost?

If you notice all the women on the list, they all suffered as a result of feuding with Alexa Bliss. Bayley had come off a title defence at her first ever WrestleMania and had all the momentum on her side. She was set to defend her title at her hometown of San Jose. What better way to put her over then by knocking off her challenger?

Nope. An average match, a flat finish and Bayley lost the title in her hometown. The feud with Bliss would only get worse from there, with horrible segments and a "Kendo stick on a pole" stipulation match at Extreme Rules. Throughout the feud, not once did Bayley stand tall, and neither did she in the match. The entire thing just made her look like a chump. She still hasn't recovered a year later.


Sasha Banks did beat Bliss for the title at SummerSlam, only to lose it eight days later. That's why her win at Money In The Bank in 2017 was all the more frustrating. She had just come off a loss to Nia Jax in a rematch at Backlash, so it seemed like she was done with the title picture. But they had to push her right back into the title picture.

It's evident that WWE want to build the Women's division with Charlotte Flair and Ronda Rousey as its two top stars, but with all the talk of the Women's Evolution, it's sad that they've held back the other women who are far more popular with the fans. Becky is finally starting to regain momentum and Sasha Banks and Bayley haven't been in the women's title picture in a while.

Perhaps they could have given the briefcase to someone who would've benefitted more from it? It would be a great catalyst for Sasha Banks to turn heel, it'd be a great way for Natalya to turn on Ronda Rousey and further their storyline, it could have been a great way to introduce Ember Moon to the main roster. The problem now isn't that WWE lacks talent in the women's division. It's quite the opposite.

The division on both brands comprises of extremely talented women, many very popular with the fans. But it's the same thing, over and over and over. After every PPV Alexa Bliss cuts the same promo. It's not even anything against Bliss herself but WWE decided to compromise their entire division for the sake of one woman.

Perhaps it was all a plan to make the fans get behind Ronda Rousey, which they very clearly are now. Let's just hope that Rousey becoming champion leads to the conclusion of the "Reign of terror part 2".

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