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Opinion: Is NXT really a Developmental territory for the WWE?

Sanjay Dutta
2.68K   //    25 Aug 2018, 23:47 IST

The Undisputed Era (AdamCole,
The Undisputed Era with NXT's Creator Triple H

Over the past few months, one of the most talked about brand in wrestling circles has been - NXT.

The yellow and Black brand led by the Company's COO Triple H has been earning unanimous praise from fans and critics alike. The quality of matches and storylines in NXT have superseded that of the main roster. It has come to a point where NXT's Takeover events are the most anticipated event of the entire Big Four pay-per-view weekend.

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Hardcore fans and critics have lapped up the NXT product with open. What makes NXT so special is the fact that they rarely put a foot in the wrong direction, unlike the main roster.

The main roster, on the other hand, has been played questionable and sometimes borderline nonsensical booking which diminishes the value of Superstars involved in the said storyline.

NXT has become the Holy Grail for hardcore Wrestling fans in the WWE. They know they are going to something special everytime the brand weekly TV taping is on or they are holding their Takeover events.

The current talent pool in NXT can rival any other big independent promotion in the world. The quality of Superstars is top notch and the competition cutthroat. This results in some of the top Superstars missing out on a place in their Takeover events.

Now Coming to the development part, NXT is widely regarded and even dubbed by the company as their developmental brand/system.

But, most of the top Superstars in NXT are established Superstars who have excelled in the independent circuit and can go straight to the main roster.


Superstars like Ricochet, Adam Cole have been Indie darlings who put Independent Wrestling on the map before making the jump to NXT.

In addition to that, there a few homegrown Superstars who have successfully transitioned from NXT to the main roster.

Most of the top NXT Superstars have either become an afterthought or are lowly placed in the card. Alexa Bliss, Charlotte Flair, and Samoa Joe are notable exceptions. If the sole purpose of NXT is to develop talent for the company's future, it wouldn't be wrong to say that they have failed miserably at that. 

Therefore, the popular notion of NXT being WWE's developmental brand is flat out bogus because some of the talent coming out of NXT are underutilized to such an extent that the possibility of them the company's next top superstar is very low.

Take The Ascension for example. Connor and Viktor we're one of the most dominant tag team in NXT History. But ever since jumping to the main roster, they have treated as an afterthought and have booked so terribly that hardly win a match on TV.

With NXT, the WWE is catering to the hardcore fans, unlike their weekly TV shows which cater to a more casual audience.

The brand has some of the top Indy Superstars and is constantly signing new talent to fill in for old talent who leave for the main roster.

WWE is fully aware of the current scenario and NXT has to be summed as the Company's alternative to promotion such as Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling.

Going by the numbers that the brand generates, it seems that they are making the right noises in the business. We are looking forward to a day when NXT sells out a big arena like Madison Square Garden for a Takeover event.

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