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Opinion: Making a case for Brad Maddox's return to WWE

Amit Shukla
1.58K   //    23 Aug 2018, 20:59 IST

Does Maddox smell $$$?
Brad Maddox

Brad Maddox was a part of Ohio Valley Wrestling from 2008 to 2010, before moving to Florida Championship Wrestling for the next two years, and then becoming WWE Raw General Manager, taking over from Vickie Guerrero.

The wrestler entered WWE as a referee, and moved into a backstage role as an assistant to Vickie, before being released on 25th November 2015 due to a wrong catchphrase used during a dark match.

Vince McMahon was also in attendance during the show, and he didn't appreciate this at all, this lead to the action on Maddox. If this catchphrase wasn't enough to spoil his career, a video tape surfaced online which did more damage to his image, as well as a wonderful female wrestler and performer.

While the female wrestler got a lot of support from fans, Maddox was on the receiving end of fan wrath, and then when the water went under the bridge, the female wrestler returned to action some time ago, before suffering a neck injury, and started performing her duties as a brand general manager.

The incident was a long time ago, and if Maddox is ready to re-enter into the squared circle, it would make sense if he gets an opportunity to be a part of the WWE again, and if WWE as well as the female wrestler are okay with it, then he should be on her show.

This would make compelling television, and also some new storylines could be formed. He could also return in some other show as well, and make his way up the ladder. While this may sound good to some, some others may disagree with the idea, but if all parties are okay with the decision, then we can see him inside a WWE ring, performing his duties as a wrestler or a referee.

No matter how he plans to present himself in the WWE, and to the WWE Universe, if the company can create a storyline that would add value, then his return would only help WWE make more money in the process. Let's take a look at what looks better:


We have seen him perform his duties as a referee in the past, and it would be good if he returns in the same role. With those stripes, he could exert his authority during matches, and cause friction with the person in charge, and thus create compelling storylines.


We haven't seen him wrestle inside a WWE ring, and if he returns in this role, then he could be used as a jobber to put other wrestlers over, unless he does something that is out of the box, making WWE re-think their decision.


While this role has more surprises written over it, it would be a good idea if WWE takes the easy way, because they wouldn't want to invest a lot on him, and then end up losing money.

It looks better if he returns as a referee. What do you think? Have your say in the comments.

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