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Opinion: The Miz and John Morrison is the perfect remedy for the SmackDown Tag Team Division

Published 05 Jan 2020, 09:09 IST
05 Jan 2020, 09:09 IST

John Morrison has returned!
John Morrison has returned!

The Miz has been on a downward spiral since facing Bray Wyatt at TLC last month. That trend continued last week when he lost a #1 contender’s match against Daniel Bryan, as well as losing to Kofi Kingston last night on SmackDown.

When he was supposed to be interviewed after the match, John Morrison emerged from Miz’s locker room to say he won’t be taking any questions. Miz appears to be heading down the path to a heel turn, and a reunited heel Miz and Morrison are exactly what the SmackDown tag team division needs.  

As of now, the SmackDown tag team division has no real threats to The New Day at the moment. They have defeated The Revival on numerous occasions, they have defeated Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura, who aren’t even an official team, a few times. Heavy Machinery can be threats, but they are babyfaces, so that wouldn’t work at the moment.

The Usos returned last night as well, which will help the tag division. However, they are likely going to be helping Roman Reigns with King Corbin and Dolph Ziggler for the time being. Also, The New Day vs The Usos has been done many times as well, which would make it feel a bit less special, even if the matches are amazing. 

Will the Miz and John Morrison reunited?
Will the Miz and John Morrison reunited?

This is where The Miz and Morrison step in. Not only can a feud be established based off of what happened on SmackDown, but they would be heels, which is where Morrison, and especially Miz, flourish.

The promos between the two teams would be great too, especially with heel Miz and a hopefully more serious New Day. They bring credibility to the table as well as Miz and Morrison were one of the best tag teams of the late 2000s and early 2010s. If booked correctly, you have yourself a quality WrestleMania 36 opening match. 

Even if WWE doesn’t go in this direction, we can still get a heel Miz to feud with a babyface Morrison. The story could be that Morrison has returned to help Miz stay stable and get him back on track. They can even feud with New Day as babyfaces or tweeners, with one of the best tag teams of the late 2000’s-early 2010’s feuding with one of the best tag teams of the entire last decade.

New Day can win the match(es), which would send Miz over the top and turn on Morrison again. This would give a short-term fix to the tag team issue on SmackDown, as well as giving us a heel Miz and an exciting feud heading into WrestleMania.  

Modified 05 Jan 2020, 09:09 IST
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