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Opinion: No Cash-in by Braun Strowman at Summerslam was 'bad for Business'

Amit Shukla
3.34K   //    20 Aug 2018, 16:00 IST

Who would 'Get These Hands'?
Who would 'Get These Hands'?

Braun Strowman entered Summerslam as the owner of the Money In The Bank briefcase and left as still the briefcase owner. The 'Monster In The Bank' has been a fan favorite, but his persona took a hit when he couldn't cash the briefcase on Roman or Brock (had he retained the title).

The wrestler is a fan favorite, and the WWE Universe applauds everything he does in the ring or out of it, but WWE wasted him at Summerslam because the hyped match between KO and him looked like a one wrestler show, and KO was completely defenseless.

After the disappointing match, it looked like Braun would make it up for it when he interrupted the Universal Championship match before it started by saying that the winner is going to 'Get These Hands' but he was victimized and conquered by Brock Lesnar during the match when 'The Beast Incarnate' took out 'The Monster' with a vicious F-5 and then threw the MITB contract up the ramp.

This may look good as a powerhouse takes on another one, but the fact that Lesnar is about to move out of WWE and into UFC, it didn't make sense for him to victimize Braun Strowman. The opposite would have been better, and that could have made the fans happier because after Lesnar successfully defended his title a beating from Braun Strowman and a successful cash-in would have made way for some compelling television in weeks to come.

Braun is loved by fans and anything he does, be it flipping Roman while he is inside the ambulance or tumbling the sets of The KO Show, his raw power, and finesse add more credibility to the character he portrays on television, but if you look at what transpired at Summerslam, it seems like the WWE has lost on a great opportunity.

WWE Universe was hoping that the winner of Braun versus Kevin match will cash-in the contract on the winner of the match between Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns, but the WWE decided to take a path that no one thought of and ended up giving us an ending where fans were booing the new champion, as well as shocked, surprised and in disbelief about how can the biggest company in professional wrestling miss out on such a golden opportunity.

My interpretation of this event makes me believe that either the WWE would give Kevin Owens another opportunity to win the Money in the Bank contract at an episode of Raw or the upcoming 'Hell in a Cell' pay-per-view or Braun may cash this on Roman Reigns and end up becoming a Universal Champion for the first time.

We can only imagine the kind of pop that Braun would receive as a result of this, and that will be more money into WWE's account, which would be better, but Braun not cashing in his contract at Summerslam is definitely 'Bad for Business.'

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