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The Bar
The Bar
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WWE SmackDown is incredibly gifted with how their Tag-Team Division is performing. While it is great as compared to the struggling Tag-Team Division of RAW, it makes so many things difficult for the blue brand. The Bar comprises the Celtic Warrior Sheamus who had so much potential as an individual superstar way back when he made his debut and had a hairstyle which matched his persona. It also includes Cesaro who has been time and again acclaimed as one of the better superstars right now. Both these wrestlers haven't been booked to their margins ever since coming to Tag-Team Division. Yes, they have been the Tag-Team Champions but that's just about it.

After being away from the main roster and performing at Live Events, The Bar debuted on SmackDown Live. Everybody hoped for a great run from the two very talented wrestlers, but their recent loss against Rusev and Aiden English for the Championship only seems like they were given the opportunity so Rusev could capitalize on his diminishing career but increasing merchandise.

Unchallenged US Title

Shinsuke Nakamura's unchallenged US Title belt is a result of very few wrestlers competing in the single's division at SmackDown Live. The very fact that US Title might not even see a match at Hell in a Cell, speaks volume about the scarcity of wrestlers competing in the singles division. It's really sad that two talented wrestlers like Sheamus and Cesaro have to do away with pushing other wrestlers when their own careers need a good push.

Great prospect in Single's division

I remember the time Sheamus used to be as lethal as someone who was put into a feud with the likes of John Cena, Randy Orton and other accomplished wrestlers in the initial years of his career. Not just that, he also gave Daniel Bryan, the fastest loss in WrestleMania. Compare that day to today, and Sheamus stands no chance against anybody in the single's division.

I wish, those days could come back.

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