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Opinion: Reason why putting the WWE Title on Samoa Joe might be a great move

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Samoa Joe

Samoa Joe is without doubt one of the best heels on the SmackDown roster. He is also extremely over with the WWE Universe. This is proven by the 'Joe' chants emanating from galleries every time he makes his way to the ring.

However, Joe has never had the chance to display his skills in the WWE ever since his debut on the main roster.

But that might soon change if the WWE decides to play the cards right and take full advantage of his ongoing feud against AJ Styles.

Samoa Joe has been in a feud against AJ Styles ever since he was announced as the challenger for AJ Styles' WWE Championship at SummerSlam. Samoa Joe has since then, been an absolutely vicious character.

He has been attacking not only AJ Styles' body, but his mind as well. Samoa Joe brought the attack to a personal level by bringing AJ Styles' family into the mix. This was seen when Samoa Joe addressed AJ Styles's family at SummerSlam.

Their match at SummerSlam ended in a disqualification caused by AJ Styles after he attacked Samoa Joe. However, Samoa Joe ambushed Styles on the following episode of SmackDown Live.

Joe managed to get under the Styles' skin in the last episode of SmackDown Live when he appeared to make a call to AJ Styles' wife. Styles went backstage to look for Joe but Joe had already left the building.

Samoa Joe has been extremely over with the WWE Universe with his portrayal of heelish characters. However, if things are to be seen closely, he has never been given the right push. Although initially promoted as 'The Destroyer', he has never been given the chance to be as dominant as fans would like to see him.


He might have also come close to bagging gold quite a few times, but all of those attempts ended in failure. AJ Styles on the other hand has proven to be extremely dominant. However, if we take a look at the storylines that he has been in, we would find that he hasn't been in anything noteworthy.

True he has had great matches, and he has been one of the best champions on the roster. However, this is the first time he has been taken to the limit. WWE would be at a loss if they fail to capitalise on this.

WWE needs to take AJ Styles to a point where he loses everything, only to win everything back again. Putting the title on Samoa Joe would not only lend credibility to Joe, but it could do wonders for AJ Styles as well.

AJ Styles needs to be put in a feud which has a certain degree of seriousness attached to it. The feud against Samoa Joe could go a long way if AJ Styles loses the title.

Samoa Joe has displayed his abilities in the ring, as well as on the mic. However, it is high time the WWE decides to push him as one of the top heels in the company.

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