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Opinion: Roman Reigns should turn heel and become the Universal Champion

Shiraz Aslam
918   //    05 Jul 2018, 01:30 IST

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Roman Reigns isn't clicking as a babyface.

Roman Reigns is the most polarizing star in WWE history after John Cena. He never fails to generate a loud reaction from the crowd. Even though he comes out to a mixed reaction and is despised by a large number of WWE's fanbase, he is one of the top merchandise sellers and is considered a 'draw' by many WWE officials.

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Reigns has failed to become the face of the WWE thus far but Vince McMahon is hell-bent on making him his company's poster boy. Many senior analysts and wrestling legends have recommended a heel turn for 'The Big Dog.' However, in spite of the fans' insistence, WWE management is reluctant to portray him as a heel on television. The ludicrous part of the matter is that many higher-ups like Triple H already consider him a heel due to the vociferous reactions he receives from the WWE Universe.

Reigns is portrayed on television the same way John Cena was. His matches have become predictable, the crowd knows that Reigns will take a beating and will eventually make a glorious comeback to get the victory. WWE is using the strategy they used with Cena and Hogan to get Reigns over with the crowd. Reigns isn't the lovable baby-face that Hogan or Cena was, he is the bad-ass that Stone Cold was. His personality and character suit a ruthless powerhouse like Samoa Joe or Braun Strowman who loves to beat people up.

Reigns will only be accepted as a heel. The fans have had enough of him as a baby-face and the only saving grace for him is a heel turn. He has all the tools to be the top heel on Raw. Raw has a paper-thin heel roster, A villainous Reigns would definitely add considerable depth to the Raw roster. WWE hasn't had a dominant heel world champion in a long time.

A good scenario for turning him heel would be for him to viciously assault Bobby Lashley during their match at Extreme Rules. Reigns could tap into his dark side and use dirty tactics to gain an upper hand on Lashley. WWE could have Reigns injure Lashley in the match. A brutal post-match beat-down would be great for him too. On the post-Extreme Rules Raw edition, WWE could have him cut a shoot promo on the fans, thus solidifying his heel turn.

Moreover, A full-time, fighting and dominant champion like Reigns is exactly what Raw needs to boost ratings. The Universal Championship has become worthless. The title has been held by either part-timers or cowardly champions. Lesnar's reign has been dragging for a long time now and Reigns is one of the few contenders who could dethrone him. A powerful champion like Reigns would add some prestige to the Universal title, open up countless opportunities and make for interesting storylines.

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