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Opinion: Samoa Joe Should Be King of The Ring

David Cullen
399   //    23 Aug 2019, 23:41 IST

King Joe?
King Joe?

The WWE 2019 King of The Ring tournament is now officially underway. While we are still only in round one as of this writing, one Superstar has already stood out to me as a contender to win the crown, and that is Samoa Joe.

Samoa Joe has been on WWE's main roster for over two years now, and so far, does not have that many major accolades under his belt. Although he is a former two-time WWE United States Champion, his reigns were not very long. While we have also seen him challenge for a World Championship on occasion, he always comes up short. Despite these roadblocks, one thing that is always evident is his ring presence and destructive aura.

When you lose as many Championship matches as Joe has over the past two years, that should really kill all your momentum and lead you to the back of the line. However, Joe's dominance in short matches and incredible agility in longer ones have ensured he remains somewhat of a force to be reckoned with. Over the past few weeks, Joe had been on a losing streak, but the ferocity returned during his first round King of The Ring victory over Cesaro on RAW.

Although seemingly stuck in the mid-card without hope of advancing, Cesaro is still a pretty prominent member of the WWE roster. He is far from a jobber who constantly loses; he had been having reasonable success in the past few months. Despite that, Joe dissected him during their most recent encounter.

Soaring to victory
Soaring to victory

It was victories like this that should remind everyone how dominating Joe can be at the flip of a switch, and that is the kind of King WWE needs. Samoa Joe could pave his own path to the crown and maintain a lengthy winning streak following his triumph. If WWE does actually have serious plans for the tournament winner this time, it should mean that the winner goes on to occupy a consistent spot in the main event, with some future opportunities at becoming Universal Champion.

Being granted a World Championship match just for becoming King did wonders for the careers of 2000 winner Kurt Angle and 2002 winner Brock Lesnar. It could do wonders for Joe too and give him that big Championship run he deserves. Even if WWE decided to keep up the silly tradition of winners wearing the crown to the ring every week, it is still the type of thing that Samoa Joe could make work. But that would all depend on giving the King a proper main event push and maintain a lengthy run of dominance.

I see Samoa Joe as the best option because he could truly be the first unstoppable dominant King of The Ring in a very long time.