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Opinion: Sarah Logan could switch factions and get a huge push following Riott Squad split

  • It looks like we may be seeing the beginnings of a new faction in WWE...
Gary Cassidy
Modified 24 Apr 2019, 20:18 IST

Will we see more of Sarah Logan now?
Will we see more of Sarah Logan now?

Well, one of the WWE Superstar Shake-Up's biggest shocks was undoubtedly the split of the Riott Squad - and even though Liv Morgan's been moved to SmackDown Live and Ruby Riott has always been seen as the breakout star, I think we've just witnessed the very thing to kickstart the career of Sarah Logan.

Ever since her 2017 RAW debut with the Riott Squad, Sarah Logan has come into her own - both in terms of her in-ring progression and slight appearance change, which culminated in the star, formerly known as Crazy Mary Dobson, having an incredibly dominant showing in the Women's WrestleMania Battle Royal that had the WWE Universe believe she'd won - only for Carmella to snatch victory at the last minute.

With Liv Morgan switching to SmackDown Live, you'd have to believe this may very well be the end of The Riott Squad completely. Sure, Ruby Riott and Sarah Logan could stick together and target the WWE Women's Tag Team Championships - but the name 'Riott Squad' wouldn't be quite so appropriate, and nor would it use both women to their full potential.

Ruby Riott has been knocking on the door for a while, and she's due a good, long singles run - but some other events from the SuperStar Shake-Up have led me to believe that Sarah Logan is, in fact, going to join another faction to become a formidable force in WWE.

A lot of heads were turned when the War Raiders debuted on Monday Night RAW this week under the guise of "The Viking Experience" and while the name change has been met with much dismay from the WWE Universe, with one plausible reason being to eliminate the word 'War' from their vocabulary and make them more marketable to the PG audience.

I think, however, it's to give them a name that could be seen as more of a faction than a tag team, and add a Viking lady to the mix.

Sarah Logan is the ideal candidate to join Erik and Ivar to establish the group as being unique and not just another tag team with huge potential, that may otherwise get lost in the midcard.

Now, the most interesting thing here is, Logan and Erik are married in real life - and had a Viking-themed wedding, as you can see below.


Not only would this allow Ruby Riott to break out as a solo star, but Sarah Logan would have a platform and be able to progress her character and the "Viking" aspects of it more, as well as exploring life outside of the Women's Division as part of a faction. Not only this, there's also potential for other Superstars to be added - notably the likes of Erick Rowan and Killian Dain, who would definitely fit the mould.

The Viking Experience as a tag team may just seem like another tag team with an underwhelming name. As a faction led by Sarah Logan - the potential is unlimited.

Would you like to see Sarah Logan join The Viking Experience? Let us know in the comments.

Published 17 Apr 2019, 15:38 IST
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