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Opinion: Shane McMahon as the most-featured star on WWE indicates the creative lull within the company

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Sanjay Dutta
Modified 13 Jun 2019, 00:32 IST
Nobody wants to see Shane as the most featured star on WWE programming
Nobody wants to see Shane as the most featured star on WWE programming

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To be honest, I never really got what Shane McMahon's shtick really was. My early memories of the McMahon scion was him jumping off structures and delivering coast to coast to his opponents by placing a trash can. As a character and on-screen personality, Shane seemed very unidimensional and someone whose only claim to fame was that he was Vince McMahon's son. 

Him returning to WWE in 2016 to confront his father and sister was a great moment and his run as the commissioner of SmackDown was good, but I never really thought of Shane as a main eventer. He was always thought as this guy who did crazy high-spots in his matches for no apparent reason. I never connected to Shane, the character, which is why it is increasingly becoming difficult to get through an entire episode of RAW and SmackDown with Shane as the focal point of both the shows.

In 2019, Shane has won the SmackDown Tag Team Championship, defeated two of the decorated superstars of the current generation in The Miz and Roman Reigns and become the central character of WWE's weekly programming, which just goes to show the level of the creative lull in the company. 

Take this week's RAW and SmackDown, for example. RAW this week was pretty solid till the Shane-Drew segment which was without a doubt one of the worst in recent memory. The San Jose crowd, which was pretty hot till that point started chanting 'Boring' as Shane O'Mac boastfully spoke about his heroics in the Middle East. The crowd reaction to the segment just goes on to show how awful the segment was. 

But, instead of learning from their mistake, WWE opened SmackDown with Miz TV with Shane, Drew McIntyre, Elias, and The Miz and a matches following that, which, if I'm not mistaken, 1/4 of the total runtime of SmackDown. The segment and the matches, as one expected got a ' boring' chant from the audience in attendance.

The company could've used this time to put superstars like Shinsuke Nakamura, Ali, Russev or Buddy Murphy, who haven't been seen on TV for weeks.

But, wwe choosing to put a 49-year old man, who can barely wrestle at a high level shows how the company is bereft of creative ideas. A McMahon drunk with power, who uses his authority to favor those who align with him is a story that has been told a million time and isn't something that the fans want to see in 2019.

At this point, it seems futile to even expect changes in product as we are pretty sure that the powers that be will turn a deaf ear to them. It's easy to see why the WWE is going through a downward spiral but they are pretty sure they just don't care about it anymore. 

Published 13 Jun 2019, 00:32 IST
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