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Opinion: Should Titus Worldwide be brought down?

Amit Shukla
621   //    08 Jul 2018, 19:39 IST

Has Titus Worldwide Doomed?
Has Titus Worldwide Doomed?

Titus Worldwide was a faction created by WWE to make Titus O'Neil relevant again. The superstar has been with the WWE for a long time now but hasn't received his share of opportunities.

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He was involved in tag team competition and scene with Darren Young as The Prime Time Players and ever since they broke up, Titus has been in an alliance with Apollo Crews.

Now make no mistake about it, Titus is a phenomenal performer and his friend Dave Bautista has stated in the past too that he respects O'Neil's work ethic. This goes without saying because if you were to understand, he has been majorly working as a jobber or involved in the biggest fallouts, or should I say funny falls (remember Greatest Royal Rumble).

The man took it in good stride and tried to make a living out of this unfortunate event, but it failed too. Despite the fact that this helped WWE sell a lot of merch and gain a lot of YouTube visits, he is still not looked as a worthy wrestler and is always ignored from good competition.

A wrestler of his size who can wrestle in an OK fashion must be given more opportunities. He can be aligned with someone good on the mic, like Paul Heyman while he tries to improve his in-ring skills.

Another member of Titus Worldwide faction that has been overlooked or arguably ignored is Apollo Crews. The man has immense talent and can be a worthy individual star if he is given an opportunity to perform, but instead of putting him in good storylines, he is either working as a jobber or no work at all.

Its a shame to see such a talent being wasted by the WWE. Despite being a part of Raw he hasn't been in any feuds or ever won a championship on the main roster.

Another wrestler of the 'Titus Worldwide' faction that has been on the sidelines is Dana Brooke. She's athletic and can perform well time and again, but hasn't been provided with the opportunity to do so.

It's a real shame to see such a powerful wrestler being ignored, especially when the Women's revolution is in full swing within the WWE. When she became a part of Titus Worldwide it seemed as if WWE is about to give her a new role which would take her career to new heights because the faction was really making waves back then, however, the statistician's numbers have gone through a deficit and her performance has gone down to zero. The last time she was a part of any in-ring competition was at Wrestlemania 34.

It's about time that WWE breaks this faction and lets these wrestlers go their own way. In other ways, breaking this group would be a 'Best for Business' and Career decision.

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